Washington Pot Shop Customers Cheer 1st Legal Sale

imageedit_4_9062128745Cale Holdsworth strode to the counter at Top Shelf Cannabis, inspected and sniffed a glass jar filled with marijuana, and said: “I’ll take two grams.”

Holdsworth paid $26.50 and held up the brown bag containing his pot as people applauded the store’s first transaction as Washington on Tuesday became the second state to allow people to buy marijuana legally in the U.S. without a doctor’s note.

“This is a great moment,” said the 29-year-old from Abilene, Kansas, as a swarm of reporters and television cameras recorded the moment.

People began buying marijuana at 8 a.m. at Top Shelf Cannabis, which started selling the drug as soon as it was allowed under state regulations. Before it opened, several dozen people lined up outside the shop in this liberal college town of about 80,000 north of Seattle.

Holdsworth was first in line, along with his girlfriend, Sarah Gorton, and her younger brother. They showed up at 4 a.m.

Gorton said the trio was in Bellingham for her grandfather’s 84th birthday. State law allows both Washington residents and people from out of state to purchase a limited amount of pot.

“It’s just a happy coincidence and an opportunity we’re not going to have for a long time,” said Gorton, a 24-year-old with dreadlocks and homemade jewelry. “I’m really thrilled to be a part of something that I never thought would happen.”

In Seattle, hundreds of people waited in the warm sunshine outside the city’s first pot shop, CannabisCity, which opened at noon.

Store owner James Lathrop, holding a large scissors to cut the ribbon for the official opening, said it was time to “free the weed.”

The first customer, 65-year-old retiree Deb Greene, hugged and thanked Alison Holcomb, the author of Washington’s marijuana law, before she placed her order for 8 grams, total $160.01 with tax.

“It’s so remarkable,” Greene said. “We’re showing the way.”

The start of legal pot sales in Washington marks a major step that’s been 20 months in the making.

Washington and Colorado stunned much of the world by voting in November 2012 to legalize marijuana for adults over 21, and to create state-licensed systems for growing, selling and taxing the pot. Sales began in Colorado on Jan. 1.

Washington issued its first 24 retail licenses Monday. An Associated Press survey of the licensees showed only about six planned to open Tuesday: two in Bellingham, one in Seattle, one in Spokane, one in Prosser and one in Kelso. Some were set to open later this week or next, while others said it could be a month or more before they could acquire marijuana to sell.

It’s been a bumpy ride in Washington, with product shortages expected as growers and sellers scrambled to prepare. Pot prices were expected to be higher than what people pay at the state’s unregulated medical marijuana dispensaries.

That was largely due to the short supply of legally produced pot in the state. Although more than 2,600 people applied to become licensed growers, fewer than 100 have been approved — and only about a dozen were ready to harvest by early this month.

Colorado already had a regulated medical marijuana system, making for a smoother transition when it allowed those dispensaries to start selling to recreational pot shops Jan. 1.

Washington’s medical system is unregulated, so officials here were starting from scratch as they immersed themselves in the pot world and tried to come up with regulations that made sense for the industry and the public.

The rules include protocols for testing marijuana and requirements for child-resistant packaging. Officials also had to determine things like how much criminal history was too much to get a license, and what types of security systems pot shops and growers should have.

Washington law allows the sale of up to an ounce of dried marijuana, 16 ounces of pot-infused solids, 72 ounces of pot-infused liquids or 7 grams of concentrated marijuana, like hashish, to adults over 21.

Brian Kost, a 45-year-old Bellingham man, was among the first in line at Top Shelf Cannabis, in an industrial area off Interstate 5. He said he hadn’t smoked marijuana in 17 years because he didn’t like the hassle of trying to find it on the illegal market.

“With the chance to buy it legally, I just couldn’t pass it up,” Kost said. “I never thought I’d see the day.”

Gorton said she, her brother and boyfriend planned to head back to their relatives’ house and sample their purchase.

“We’re probably going to break open a bottle of wine, sit on the porch and enjoy this,” she said.

By GENE JOHNSON Associated Press



By Lorra B. Chief Writer for Silent Soldier



Could the White House be Coming Down Like a House of Cards?

imageedit_5_2203792702Could the Internal Revenue Service scandal bring down the White House? Republican Michele Bachmann (Minn) believes it could do just that.

The IRS blames dated technology for the loss of emails from 2009 through mid-2011 do to a computer crash and says that they will likely never be recovered. Ironically, or not, this is the time period encompassing the first year the IRS in Cincinnati began looking through Tea Party applications more closely.

Republicans in Congress became incensed and began accusing the IRS commissioner John Koskinen of not being truthful. Republicans, and most, understand that back-ups are required. Not having a back-up of years of emails did not set right with most.

Democrats, however, were quick to point out that there is no evidence of any wrongdoing or that the computer crash was intentional in the slightest. Democrats accuse Republicans of stirring the pot with new and unfounded allegations.

Lois Lerner, former IRS official, has been pleading her Fifth Amendment rights and has only spoken through her lawyers since this scandal over lost emails erupted over a year ago.

“This is a so-called congressional investigation with no pretense of objectivity or bipartisanship,” stated Taylor, Lerner’s attorney. “Critics of Ms. Lerner and the IRS seize indiscriminately on small pieces of fact to claim they prove scandal.”

“It’s a scandal of epic proportions, big enough that it could bring down a presidency…The only thing that’s phony are all of the denials that are coming out of the White House,” stated Bachmann.

In May 2013 Lerner admitted publicly that certain political groups had inappropriately been targeted by the agency.  Over the months, the scandal has escalated with new stories fueling suspicions that the Obama administration has used the IRS as a political tool.

“In the absence of a special prosecutor, the best opportunity for piercing the veil of secrecy and evasion that surrounds the IRS handling of groups perceived as enemies of the Obama administration lies is civil litigation. The National Organization for Marriage has just obtained a $50,000 settlement from the IRS for its criminal release of confidential donor information to an opposition group.”

“Confidential tax return information about the National Organization for Marriage donors was published on the website of a political adversary. But so far Eric Holder’s Justice Department is not pursuing inquiries into who feloniously released that information,” according to American Thinker.

When her computer crashed, Lerner lost an untold about of emails, items that were actively being sought by congressional investigators. Lerner is being investigated for her role in the agency’s controversy that they improperly scrutinized application by some Tea Party groups,” and publicly admitted as much.

There are also claims that Lerner singled out GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley implying she was in “cahoots” with the justice Department.  Taylor stated that Lerner neither saved nor printed official emails on a backup computer and many dispute this claim. Email back-up is a record-keeping law.

“Lerner’s admission…that the IRS had been singling out applications for tax-exempt status using terms such as “tea party.” Followed by a critical inspector general report days later, set off the original storm. The groups in question were seeking status as a social welfare organization, or a 501(c)(4), which is allowed to engage in a limited amount of political activity.”

Yesterday, a pro-Israel group seeking a tax exempt status was told its application was being held up because “…these cases are being sent to a special unit in the DC office to determine whether the organization’s activities contradict the Administration’s public policies.”

Unlawful viewpoint discrimination is what Z-Street’s lawsuit claims. Washington, DC’s federal court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, an Obama appointee, dismissed the lawsuit stating that Z-Street was suing over “viewpoint discrimination evidenced by what it was told by IRS agent Diane Gentry about contradicting administration policies – the process by which the IRS made the determination on tax exempt status.” In other words, and according to the Jerusalem Post, “The Z Street case may be what forces the IRS to pull its carefully constructed curtain and reveal how it made decisions regarding organizations deemed out of step with the current US administration.”

Published in 2012 by the Human Rights Campaign, which are supporters of gay rights, is the donor information of John Eastman’s association that opposes same-sex marriages.

“As a former tax official, if I would have done that as an employee of the IRS, I would have been refereed to the Justice Department, the criminal division,” stated Bachmann. “I would have been subject to a felony of five years hard time, in a federal penitentiary. That’s what we are talking about, that’s how serious this is. The IRS has broken laws and the American people need a redress of this grievance.”

On Monday, an MSNBC panel believed this premise of the IRS targeting “conservative groups, misleading investigators, and then failing to produce evidence relating to that investigation because they had destroyed it,” wasn’t that big a problem or worry but declared it “the single most important issue of our time.”

According to HotAir, MSMBC also stated, inaccurately, that “the liberal groups were also targeted by the IRS with equal fervor.”

A Fox News poll from last week, however, shows quite a different story. It showed that “74 percent support a congressional investigation into the targeting scandal, including 86 percent of Republicans, 65 percent of surveyed independents, and 66 percent of Democratic respondents.” The poll went on to declare “76 percent believe the IRS intentionally destroyed hardware in order to hide evidence relating to the targeting scandal from investigators.”

A survey from A Quinnipiac University last week also showed that “74 percent want a special counsel appointed in order to investigate the scandal. Again, there is no partisan, age, gender, or race gap in the findings…63 percent of Democrats and 78 percent of independents calling for a special prosecutor,” reported The Hill.

Bachmann stated that the IRS scandal “is only the beginning…We also know that over 1.1 million documents were wrongfully sent by Lois Lerner to the Justice Department criminal division. The criminal division only looks at employee behavior but yet Lois Lerner wanted the Justice Department to look at the behavior of the non-profits themselves.”

We may never know how many emails are gone but the IRS was able to piece together emails from 82 IRS employees and come up with around 24,000 Lerner emails from 2009-2011.

“The IRS is committed to working with Congress…the IRS has remained focused on being thorough and responding as quickly as possible to the wide-ranging requests from Congress while taking steps to protect underlying taxpayer information,” stated the IRS.

Lerner’s case is now held by the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia after having been found in contempt of Congress in May, and after having refused to answer questions that could incriminate her.


By Lorra B. Chief Writer for Silent Soldier


Aborted Fetuses Burned For Fuel in Oregon – Graphic

Human, aborted imageedit_2_9577583126fetuses are being shipped to the United States from British Columbia and being incinerated to provide electricity for Oregon residents.

Thinking this too outlandish and, frankly, quite unsettling, I checked with to make sure this wasn’t some sick prank. I can assure you it is quite true.

The remains of aborted humans are being shipped to a US power facility, in order to provide electricity to Oregon residents.

“The British Colombia Health Ministry has confirmed that ‘medical waste’ is sent to our country to be converted to electricity in waste-to-power plants. ‘Medical waste,’ in this brave new world of ours, includes amputated limbs, cancerous tissue, and the bodies of murdered children,” according to

The Oregon incinerator was stopped by the County commissioners on Thursday from receiving any waste from medical facilities until it is ensured that fetal tissue will no longer be burned for fuel.

Sam Brentano and Janet Carlson, Marion County commissioners, said they strongly disagree with abortions and that they were “horrified” that the Marion County Resource Recovery Facility could actually be using human remains to fuel Oregon.

“We’re going to get to the bottom of it,” said Carlson. “I want to know who knew, when they knew, how long they had known this was going on.

Brentano acknowledged that all human tissue can be accepted at the waste-to-energy plant, but stated, “No rule or law has been broken, but there’s an ethical standard that’s been broken.”

“We provide an important service to the people of this state and it would be a travesty if this program is jeopardized due to this finding. We thought our ordinance excluded this type of material at the waste-to-energy facility. We will take immediate action to ensure a process is developed to prohibit human tissue from future deliveries,” continued Brentano.

“We are outraged and disgusted that this material could be included in medical waste received at the facility,” Carlson stated. “We did not know this practice was occurring until today. We are taking immediate action and initiating discussions with Covanta Marion to make certain that this type of medical waste is not accepted in the future.”

The United Kingdom went through a similar experience last month when similar reports of aborted fetuses being incinerated for energy caused upheaval and caused the U.K. authorities to halt the “totally unacceptable” practice.

According to reports, over 15,000 babies, miscarried or aborted, were included in the clinical waste and incinerated.

“As many as 10 employees at England’s National Health Service admitted to having burned fetal remains that had been mixed with garbage, and two other employees said the aborted or miscarried bodies were used in the country’s “waste-to-energy” plants to generate power for heat,” reported Britain’s Telegraph newspaper.

The Obama administration’s Securities and Exchange Commission stated on February 28, 2012, that this type of use is well within the confines of “ordinary business.”

An email from Gayle Atteberry, an Oregon Right to Life’s Executive Director, was sent to LifeNews when she got wind of this new “alternative energy.”

As horrified as I am to hear of the bodies of Canada’s smallest citizens being burned to create electricity for our homes, I am not surprised. When we do not respect the unborn babies’ right to life, what is stopping us from using their bodies for our own gain, whether that be burning them for electricity or destroying them for embryonic stem cell research? The next question is: are Oregon’s babies being burned as well?”

Many pro-life advocates tend to compare abortion with the Holocaust for which the pro-abortion quickly condemn them. Though, the comparison is a gruesome reminder of the despicable way humans were treated in Nazi Germany.

According to Jeff Bickford, the environmental services division manager in Marion County, waste material has been taken from British Columbia for up to 7 years. “You’ve got biological agent and infectious diseases in there”…that need to be incinerated.

Brentano stated that in order to insure that no fetus tissue enter the incinerator, new ordinances need to be written.

Carlson asked during a meeting, “So if someone loses an arm, loses a finger?”

Brentano replied, “That should go in and be burned, as gross as that is.”

The Department of Health issued a ban prohibiting hospitals from the misuse of the bodies of babies “victimized by abortion any further.”

By Lorra B. Chief Writer for Silent Soldier


Sudanese Christian Mom Spared From Death ReArrested 24 Hours Later

imageedit_2_4608762815It was for renouncing Islam and embracing Christianity that Meriam Ibrahim, 27, was sentenced to hang for apostasy, igniting outrage from at home and from overseas. She was released on Monday and arrested again Tuesday as she and her family were trying to leave the country of Africa.

The National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) agents, about 40 of them, detained her, her husband and their two children at Khartoum Airport, just 24 hours after her release.

A head Sudanese official said she would be released “soon,” according to BBC News. “Abdullahi Alzareg from the ministry of foreign affairs told BBC’s Newshour program that Mrs. Ibrahim had been arrested because she did not have the correct travel documents.”

Then why did it take almost 40 agents to arrest her at the airport and why did they detain the family?

“We don’t have a reason as to why,” said Al-Sharif Ali, a member of her legal team. “Her husband is also being detained. We have tried to see them, but it has been very difficult. The National Security Force will not allow us to meet with them.”

Ibrahim is Sudanese and she was using emergency South Sudanese papers with a U.S. visa. Her husband, a Christian from South Sudan, has U.S. nationality.

The facility Ibrahim, Daniel Wani and their children were taken to is used by Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service. “A source close to the family told…They have travel documents furnished by the U.S. embassy, but Ibrahim did not have a passport, the source said.”

“She is either banned from traveling or the NISS could also create “paper issues” if they don’t want her to leave the country.”

A man who claims to be the brother of Ibrahim, Al-Hadi, said on Tuesday that his family’s honor had been tarnished because of the case and he is seeking revenge.

Ibrahim, while in court, denied being related to Al-Hadi.

The whole can of worms started when a relative of Ibrahim’s, a Muslim, said her family was stunned to realize she had married a Christian after having been missing for a number of years, according to her lawyer.

Because Ibrahim’s father was a Muslim the courts considered her a Muslim even though she said she had never practiced Islam and professed to be a Christian. “She was charged with adultery, because a Muslim woman’s marriage to a Christian man is illegal in Sudan, and with apostasy, accused of illegally renouncing what was alleged to be her original faith,” stated CNN.

“I am a Christian,” Ibrahim stated during her hearing last month, “and I will remain a Christian.” Her mother is an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian and raised her children as such. Ibrahim’s father, a Muslim, abandoned her at the age of 6.

“It’s very disappointing,” Elshareef, the family’s lawyer, said. “They were very angry. They took us (family’s lawyers) outside, and took the family to a NISS detention center. They have not been given access to lawyers.”

Because the appeals court had overturned all of Ibrahim’s convictions, Elshareef believes that political differences within their government about the case could have played a role in preventing her from leaving.

“I’m very concerned. When people do not respect the court, they might do anything,” said Elshareef.

This case attracted international criticism and more than 1 million people supported a crusade by Amnesty International to set her free.

David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, said he was “absolutely appalled” by the treatment given to her. Political and “religious leaders, celebrities and human rights organizations” condemned her imprisonment. The British Foreign Office and U.S. sate department welcomed her release.

“This is a deeply troubling development,” stated Jordan Sekulow, executive director of the American Center for Law and Justice. The ACLJ collected over 300,000 signatures in a petition demanding her release. “The decision to take the entire family into custody is a violation of international law and we call on Sudan to release them without delay. Meriam and her family’s fate are now unclear.”

By Lorra B. Chief Writer for Silent Soldier


One of the Greatest Intelligence Failures in American History

imageedit_2_5041333720One thing about the advance of ISIS is the deathly silence from our best ally in the Middle East, Israel. What concerns me is that the U.S. seems to believe time is on our side relating to ISIS – and we’re not taking this sophisticated threat seriously. I pray Israel is.

It’s always helpful to gain a window into the enemy by reading the enemies’ words. Franklin Lamb, writing for Media With Conscience was afforded an opportunity to interview members of the Islamist army, who clearly laid out their frightening plans.

He writes, “One need not be present to understand the unfolding “Jihadi Spring” is fueling the plans and perhaps destiny of ascendant Islamists in this region with the increasing help of in-country nationalists, including remnants of the Iraqi Baath Party. This, according to more than a dozen ardent supporters of The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), known locally as DAASH, whose representatives allowed this observer over the past six months to interview some of its supporters.”

Lamb explains that the final “S” in the acronym “ISIS” relates to the Arabic word “al-Sham” which itself is variously used to refer to the Levant, Syria or even Damascus. But DAASH (ISIS) means the Levant or Eastern Mediterranean including Cyprus, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, and southern Turkey. ISIS has just announced that Raqqa, the only one of 14 Governorates it controls in Syria, is now the “Capital” of their emerging “Caliphate” which so far is a swathe of territory encompassing much of eastern and northern Syria and western and northern Iraq. The Emir is to be their military strategist and leader and successor of Abu Mus’ab Zarqawi, Dr. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

What we fail to comprehend is that an Islamic caliphate is a borderless empire ruled by singular leader under strict Islamic law, the Koran. It does not respect secular leadership, as we are witnessing in Libya, Syria, and elsewhere in the Islamic world. In Egypt, the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood set back their march towards being a part of an Islamic caliphate – which our own Secretary of State has problems understanding.

So what does ISIS think of Israel’s existence?

Lamb says jihadist recruiters working with a claimed new specialized DAASH unit organized at the beginning of 2013 are “focusing exclusively on destroying the Zionist regime occupying Palestine.” DAASH’s “Al Quds Unit” (AQU) is currently working to broaden its influence in more than 60 Palestinian camps and gatherings from Gaza, across Occupied Palestine, to Jordan, and Lebanon up to the north of Syria seeking to enlist support as it prepares to “Liberate” Palestine.

How in God’s name did the Obama administration not see this coming? This may be one of the greatest intelligence failures in American history. President Obama referred to this as “whack-a-mole” – hardly, this is not just some terrorist organization; it is an army with a structure. It is no different from Hezbollah in Lebanon or Hamas in Gaza.

A DAASH member supposedly claims, “Zionists call us masked, sociopathic murderers but we are much more complicated and representative of those seeking justice than they portray us. Are we more barbaric than the Zionist terrorists who massacred at Dier Yassin, Shatila twice at Qana, and committed dozens of other massacres? History will judge us after we free Palestine. DAASH claims it can do the job in 72 months.

Lamb says there are several reasons why Palestinians should hold out hope for ISIS succeeding in their cause when all other Arab, Muslim, and Western-claimed resistance supporters have failed. “All countries in this region are playing the sectarian card just as they have long played the Palestinian card but the difference with ISIS is that we are serious about Palestine and they are not. Tel Aviv will fall as fast as Mosul when the time is right,” a DAAH ally explained. Another member insisted, “DAASH will fight where no one else is willing.”

ISIS appears uniformly contemptuous of the “Zionist regime” and its army and also appears eager to fight them in the near future despite expectation that Israel will use nuclear weapons.

“Do you think that we do not have access to nuclear devices? The Zionist knows that we do and if we ever believe they are about to use theirs we will not hesitate. After the Zionists are gone, Palestine will have to be decontaminated and rebuilt just like areas where there has been radiation released.”

This is a real threat and nothing ISIS has done is contrary to their intent and purpose. We do not want an entrenched Islamist army as we have in Hezbollah and Hamas. The situation for Israel is dire since those two Islamic terrorist formations exist to their north and south. If ISIS is successful in moving against Jordan, then there is a greater threat to the east. The clock is ticking and truly, I don’t believe Barack Hussein Obama gives a damn.

Written by Allen West


By Lorra B. Chief Writer for Silent Soldier


Is the Obama Administration Posturing to Start Another War?


imageedit_2_8484186291“Recently I was asked why I am writing so much about “politics.” Well, I have not written too much about U.S. politics because the two party system is hopelessly broken where a vote either way is either thrown away counted incorrectly and really doesn’t matter because your choices are two sides of the same coin. Writing about U.S. internal politics is pointless. I have written quite a bit recently about international or “geo” politics and even make comments on religion. There is a valid reason for this, because when all is said and done it all boils down to the dollar which is becoming like a political ping pong ball.

“If you ignore geopolitics or religion (in the Middle East) today then you might as well spin your self around 3 times with a blindfold on and then try to walk a straight line. Without understanding global politics, you will have zero percent chance of ever understanding where “this” is headed. I believe that there is now a raging fire behind the financial scenes. The tried and true way to divert attention from anything “internally bad” has always been to either start a war overseas or create some other scandal or false flag event.

“The above said, we (the U.S,) are pushing and shoving in two areas, the Ukraine and Iraq situations. Let me take these one by one so that I can add them up for you. First, let’s look at Ukraine. There exists anecdotal evidence that we in fact stirred up this pot to get it boiling in the first place, but let’s assume that the unrest would have started and did start as we are “told.” So far we have sanctioned Russia twice which are like pokes in the eye. They have remained relatively restrained to their point. Today, Russia has somewhat turned the tables on the U.S. and rather than go tit for tat, they announced an “anti dollar” policy. Putin’s aide proposes anti-dollar alliance to force U.S. to end Ukraine’s civil war.

“Please understand what is happening here, or I should say “already” happened. For Russia to announce an “Anti Dollar” policy is the equivalent of a declaration of war. Were this to have been done by anyone, anywhere on the planet even 10 years ago would have resulted in immediate military action by the U.S,. Maybe this is Russia’s way of getting Washington to throw the first punch but I don’t think so. Rather, I believe that Russia has already held talks with many other foreign nations to get their anticipated response were Russia to announce this anti dollar policy. We know that the Chinese are on board, we know that 9 our of 10 Gazprom customer are OK with non dollar settlement and who knows how far and wide Russia may have had high level discussions on this topic. My point is this, Russia would NEVER, EVER make a leap (and do it publicly) as big as announcing an anti dollar policy if they had not already lined up 99% of their ducks. Do you see what I am saying here? The deal, in my opinion, to dump the dollar had already been planned and is being hatched right here and now by the Russians! I will get back to this momentarily but we have another hot spot in Iraq that I believe is connected and needs to be explained.

“ISIS” has run wild in northern Iraq taking 5 city/towns and leaving a trail of murdered and beheaded Iraqis in their wake. Again, there is evidence that ISIS in Syria has received U.S. funding but let’s assume they did not so as not to muddy the waters further. ISIS is now about 30 miles outside of Baghdad and the U.S. has received requests from Iraq for help. Iraq is run currently by Shia’s, ISIS are Sunni so there is your religious divide. Now, Saudi Arabia is Sunni while Iraq is primarily Shia, another divide but one that is very important. Saudi Arabia has now warned Iran to stay out of the fray in Iraq and it turns out that we (the U.S.) have had talks with Iran about helping their Shia brethren in Iraq. Do you see the problems here? Oh, and to illustrate the problems, Saudi Arabia has now warned Iran to stay out of the fray as the U.S. negotiate their help. This is the current picture; our Middle East policy looks like it is being formulated and implemented by a bunch of moronic clowns trying to play one side against the other but ends up in a dead end of logic.

“OK, so let me add this 1+1 together for you. We have pushed Russia far enough for them to publicly announce an unprecedented “anti-dollar policy.” As I said above, they would never have done this on their own as it would mean their financial destruction. Russia has also shut off the gas supply to Ukraine…knowing full well that Ukraine would then shut Russia’s supply of gas through their pipelines to Europe into the mix. Will this bring Europe closer to the U.S.? Or, will it prod Europe to tell the U.S. to ease up on sanctions as their economy starts to shut down and the weather begins to get cold? This is “1” which is the ridiculous policy we are following in the Middle East. Iran is and has already been shut off of the dollar, what will happen if (I believe “when” is a foregone conclusion) Saudi Arabia announces that they will no longer accept only dollars for oil? Actually, what if they were to announce that they will no longer accept dollars at all? And that if you want their oil you must pay in something OTHER THAN dollars? How would this work out?

“To do the “addition” for you, this works out to the death of the dollar. It would not, in my opinion, be a long and convoluted process. Jim Sinclair believes that the dollar will trade down to the 70-72 level from here which would be a 10-12% drop…on its way down to 56. I don’t usually disagree with Jim on many topics but I do on this one because if Russia were to attract Saudi Arabia to their anti dollar policy, country after country would then follow (or are already lined up to). It would be like flipping a light switch and the dollar’s light would just go out. Maybe we move to the 56 level but I cannot see it holding for long without a reset or going to an internal/external dollar which is another subject altogether.

“Before finishing, I’d like to mention one other aspect that you should expect. When this happens, “dollars” which are now largely held overseas will come back home to…buy “stuff” (dumped) in a frenzied and panicked manner. This will be incredibly inflationary. Some of these dollars will be pointed at “our” gold. You can expect a massive amount of contracts for silver and gold standing for delivery that will not be willing to accept “dollar bribes” to accept a premium and “go away” quietly in the night; I believe that a force majeure will be the result. If I am correct about my 1+1 premise, it would be foolish for “the world” not to finish off the COMEX and LBMA.

“So, why so much politics? Because foreign politics seems to be aimed directly at the dollar at the same time our own foreign policies (and internal) seem to simultaneously be aimed at our own currency’s Achilles heel. What is happening right now is all about the dollar and its planned demise. Let me remind you that gold IS the “anti dollar.” I believe that right now you are witnessing the reason for these many years I have screamed “gold” from the rooftops for anyone willing to listen. I believe the plan is to destroy thoroughly the dollar. Externally for sure and possibly even from within if you view our official financial and economic policies, no one could be this ignorant. Could they? If this is the case and I 100% believe it is, you would then want to own as much “anit-dollar” as possible.”

Regards, Bill Holter


By, Lorra B. Chief Writer for Silent Soldier



Rising Gasoline Prices – Do All Roads Lead to the White House?


imageedit_2_4711911138The price of gasoline seems to be out of control with the average price per gallon in the United States at a whooping $3.74, and most likely rising. That is a 29-cent increase within the last month alone. According to the Associated Press, the price of gasoline has never been more costly during the summer months.

Today, June 19, is the 1274rd day that the national average price of regular gasoline costing above $3 a gallon. That’s almost three and a half years.

Many American’s tend to blame President Obama for the continuing cost increases for gasoline but are they correct in their assumptions?

Summer consistently brings high gas prices and people have begun placing responsibility for the price escalation on Obama. “Blaming presidents for gas prices is nothing new, and the upcoming election hasn’t helped curb the attacks,” reported US News.

The president isn’t putting forth the effort to control rising gasoline prices, critics say, by utilizing U.S. oil reserves. “The president actually has some opinions that make a lot of sense to a lot of Americans and that option, of course, is to increase American energy production,” stated Sen. John Barrasso, a Wyoming Republican.

The Obama supporters believe that the cost of gasoline is out of his hands. They believe that spikes in oil prices are hard to analyze and they indicate that conflict with Syria, strain with Iran and demand from China are the real culprits to the increases in oil prices.

There are others who believe the EPA is to blame for the continued spike in gasoline prices. “Part of the blame lies with the EPA, which monitors the renewable fuel standard and is responsible for determining what the ration of crude to renewable in the gasoline mix will be each year. The figures for 2014 have not been finalized and are, in fact late. The proposal currently on the table would require 15.21 billion gallons to be blended in 2014, considerably less than the 16.55 billion gallons blended in 2013. This first ever cut in the required amount was lauded as a step in the right direction by industry leaders, including, Charlie Drevna, (president of the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufactures Association), when it was first announced but, he told reporters Tuesday, it was worrisome that EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy ‘has been remarking that the volumetric requirements for the finalized [standard] may be different than the proposed rule.’ The powerful pro-ethanol lobby would benefit if the number was revised upwards in the final rule, requiring more corn-based ethanol be produced and sugar-based ethanol be imported from Brazil to meet the standards, but at the expense of American consumers who, because the promise of cellulosic ethanol has not yet been realized, are putting part of their food money in their fuel tank every time they fill up,” reported Frontiers of Freedom.

On Monday, the Associated Press reported biofules being made from the waste of harvested corn plants could actually be harmful to the environment. $500 million dollars was spent on a university study, paid for by the federal government (us), that disputes arguments from the Obama Administration that biofules help to deter climate change. “Released in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Climate Change, it found biofules made with corn residue release 7 percent more greenhouse gases in the early years compared with conventional gasoline. It may be the whole business was a fool’s errand from the start,” reports Frontiers of Freedom.

The corn ethanol was supposed to be a conduit to improved and non-crude renewables “such as cellulosic ethanol.” But things like cellulosic ethanol are not available yet and won’t be made commercially available until the year 2022. “Meanwhile we’re supposed to keep on putting more and more corn into the system in order to meet the requirements of the renewable fuel standard year after year.” Does this make sense?

“They can export more if you’re in the export market because this law doesn’t apply to exports or they could cut runs, neither of which is good for the American consumer. The only way out of the mess Congress has created, it seems, is to repeal the renewable fuel standard, once and for all,” stated Drevna.

The EPA could certainly be blamed for the rising costs of gasoline but they wouldn’t be alone. Many are also blaming the unrest in Iraq and Syria. So just what is the impact of Iraq and Syria on the oil prices in the United States?

One of the largest oil reserves on the planet is in Iraq and has surpassed the Islamic Republic of Iran as the second largest manufacturer of crude oil. The world’s economy, as well as the price of oil, is largely impacted by any unsteadiness in Iraq. In turn, this instability greatly affects the ordinary citizens of the U.S.

“The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have already been capable of bringing a significant surge in oil prices. Brent crude hit 114.69 dollars a barrel this week; the largest weekly gain this year. And, of course, countries such as the Islamic Republic of Iran and monarchies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar will be the ones that benefit from this rise. On the other hand, ordinary people in the U.S. will have to pay the price.”

The swift rise of Jihadi Islamists is much more treacherous than Al-Qaeda, according to Front Page, both economically and ideologically. “There recent triumph and captures of several parts of Iraq and Syria may have tremendous repercussions on American national security, the global economy, and the lives of every American. Unfortunately, President Obama still insists on ignoring the danger and seriousness of these extremist movements.”

There are many factors that contribute to the rising cost of fuel in our country, from issues with the EPA to the ongoing situations in Iraq and Syria, all over the world for that matter. Unlimitedly, however, don’t all roads lead to the white house?


By Lorra B. Chief Writer for Silent Soldier


Hamas-Tip of the Muslim Brotherhood Spear

Originally posted on The Counter Jihad Report:

20110630_gmbdrmedium (2)CSP, By Kyle Shideler:

As Israeli forces continue advance into Gaza to combat Hamas- with a particular focus on combating the infiltration tunnels used by Hamas to conduct raids targeting Israeli civilians, it’s worth raising the question, why is it that Hamas, an isolated terrorist organization, feels comfortable repeatedly going head to head with the most powerful regional military in the Middle East?

They have state sponsors, such as Iran, Turkey and Qatar, who provide financing, true, but ultimately, Hamas is comfortable operating because they know that behind them stands the entire Global Muslim Brotherhood movement.

This has never been a secret. Hamas’ founding charter (Article 2:) states:

the Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the wings of the Muslim Brothers in Palestine. The Muslim Brotherhood Movement is a world organization, the largest Islamic Movement in the modern era.

Nor has this changed. During the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule…

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Aired on July 21, 2014 – ( The Savage Nation ) – Michael Savage Trashes Ted Cruz Teaming Up with Glenn Beck on Border Relief, Applauds Rick Perry Taking Action Securing Border

Originally posted on The Surf Report:

Michael Savage Trashes Ted Cruz & Glenn Beck, Applauds Rick Perry Taking Action Securing Border

Published on Jul 21, 2014

Aired on July 21, 2014 – ( The Savage Nation ) – Michael Savage Trashes Ted Cruz Teaming Up with Glenn Beck on Border Relief, Applauds Rick Perry Taking Action Securing Border

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Ukraine Rebels Turn Over Black Boxes, Bodies From Downed Plane

Originally posted on CBS DC:

HRABOVE, Ukraine (AP) — Bowing to international pressure Monday, pro-Moscow separatists released a train packed with bodies and handed over the black boxes from the downed Malaysia Airlines plane, four days after it plunged into rebel-held eastern Ukraine.

With body parts decaying in sweltering heat and signs that evidence at the crash site was mishandled, anger in Western capitals has mounted at the rebels and their allies in Moscow. Their reluctant cooperation will soothe mourning families and help investigators, but may do little to reconcile the East-West powers struggling over Ukraine’s future.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said it saw no evidence a missile was fired and denied involvement in the downing of Flight 17 — and suggested the Ukrainian military was at fault. President Vladimir Putin spoke out but showed no sign of abandoning the separatists as fighting flared anew near the site of the crash.

President Barack Obama accused the…

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Lorra B.:

Wow, really??

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Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 6.25.16 PM

Wireless company in middle of NSA scandal offers gift cards for your web surfing and location history


Verizon Wireless is launching a rewards program this week for subscribers who consent to having their everyday movements tracked.

The program, called Smart Rewards, offers gift cards and travel deals to subscribers who surrender their web surfing, app usage and location data in exchange for targeted advertisements based on that personal information through the Verizon Selects tracking program.

“To make marketing messages more relevant, Verizon will analyze the information described above to identify you as part of a group of people a marketer is trying to reach,” the terms and conditions for Verizon Selects state.

The wireless company introduced Verizon Selects back in 2012 but has now created the Smart Rewards program to encourage more subscribers to enroll.

Jeffrey Nelson, Verizon’s vice president of…

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Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 6.30.53 PM

ISIS issued ultimatum to Mosul’s Christians to either convert, pay a tax, leave or face imminent execution

by AL ARABIYA NEWS | JULY 21, 2014

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Sunday that the persecution of Iraqi Christians who have been driven from their homes in Mosul by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants could constitute a crime against humanity, Agence France-Presse reported.

Hundreds of Christian families fled their homes in the northern city Saturday as an ultimatum threatening their community’s centuries-old presence there expired.

Ban “condemns in the strongest terms the systematic persecution of minority populations in Iraq by Islamic State [of Iraq and Syria] and associated armed groups,” a U.N. statement said.

The United Nations chief highlighted that “any systematic attack on the civilian population or segments of the civilian population, because of their ethnic background, religious beliefs or faith may constitute a crime against humanity.”


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Gaza Right Now: In Pictures

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The death toll among Palestinians from the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip reached over 500 on Monday, Gaza health officials said, as the two sides counted their dead following the bloodiest day of fighting so far in the two-week campaign. CBS reports the officials said some 3,150 Palestinians had been wounded. The IDF just announced 7 Israeli soldiers were killed today, raising the Israeli death toll to 25 (including 2 civilians). A glance at the stunning images below beggars belief that world equity markets (and Israel’s) are shrugging at this escalating violence. We assume they ‘believe’ in the power of John Kerry.

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