Most Central American Juvenile Immigrants Are Being Abducted and Trafficked On Their Way to the U.S.

Christian Patriots


What happened to the Central American children who supposedly were coming north to the United States on the “Beast” train? It is true that tens of thousands of children, if not more, left their country of origin to make the long and dangerous trek to the United States. However, as my Border Patrol sources have repeatedly emphasized, the number of juvenile illegal immigrants that were detained constituted a very low percentage of the actual detainees in the recent Central American illegal immigrant invasion of the United States.

Since we know that these children left their countries of origin, a reasonable person has to ask “Where did they end up”? In the following video,  contains a brilliant and stunning piece of investigative journalism by Jim Stone, as he exposes the fact that  the vast majority of the departing Central American children never make it as far as central Mexico.  Therefore, one must…

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