Boys Witnessing the Horrors of ISIS—From Beheadings to Crucifixions

imageedit_2_4524093277One might never know when looking into the young, angelic faces of these boys, who likely have no real understanding of how dark the world can be, that you might be gazing upon trained, methodical killers–The horrors of ISIS. 

Shocking to contemplate but killers these young boys are being trained to be. They aren’t playing in the playground with their friends or involved in sports. They aren’t going to school dances or pondering their first kiss. Instead, these boys are being trained in ISIS camps in northern Syria, their innocents forevermore obliterated. 

Wearing a black balaclava, a small boy clenching an AK-47 “…pulls the trigger and the recoil of the shot knocks him back, his limbs unable to control the rifle,” reports CNN.

“An adult takes the weapon from the boy’s hands as he stands up and steps away, casting a blank glance into the camera.”

To the shock and concern of most Americans, these are the videos being seen, around the world. The United Nations [UN] have also stated concerns about the boys who are being forced to join Islamic State training camps. The UN said that many horrifying acts where done in the presence of young children, many of which being crimes of war.



Barrel bombs have been dropped on civilian areas by the Syrian government, including bombs with poisonous gas chlorine, according to Express.

“We’ve looked at eight instances of alleged chlorine attacks and we found specifically that according to our evidentiary test, they were dropped—the chlorine came with the barrel bombs—dropped from government helicopters particularly onto civilian areas,” stated UN commissioner Vitit Muntarbhorn.

“Children have been present at the executions, which take the form of beheading or shooting in the head at close range.”


“Bodies are placed on public display, often on crucifixes, for up to three days, serving as a warning to local residents.”

The UN went on to say that and choice by the United States to bomb the “Sunni militant group must respect the laws of war. We are aware of the presence of children in training camps, we think this decision by the United States must respect the laws of war and we are concerned about [the] presence of children,” stated chairman of the UN panel, Paulo Rinheiro.

Declaring an independent Islamic state – from northern Syria to central Iraq—the Sunni brag of its young recruits and begin to cram the ISIS’s twisted ideologies down the youngster’s throats, youngsters who are mostly too immature to grasp their new and sickening reality.

According to CNN, a young boy, Mohammed, was one of them. His name has been withheld for reasons of his safety.

Mohammed was just 13 when ISIS suggested he go to a northern Syrian children’s camp.

“My friends and I were studying at the mosque, and they taught us that we should enroll in jihad with the [Islamic State]. I wanted to go, but my father did not allow me to,” Mohammed told CNN.

Not going to the camp was not an option and their home was visited by a militant patrol. Mohammad was told that if he failed to go they would cut off his fathers head. His father, who refused to be named, stated, “They were armed…and you saw the slaughter in your own eyes.”

So, off to the camp Mohammed went where he was groomed with their teachings, took oaths that he had a hard time understanding and watched boys, men and women being tortured and killed.

Mohammad was lucky though. His father was finally able to get him out of the camp and they fled to Turkey where they remain hidden.

Mohammed is not the only child with an ISIS story. Abdullah, a 10-year-old, is the youngest volunteer known to be fighting with ISIS.

The Daily Beast tells of a young Abdullah sauntering into a local grocery store. What should have been an every-day occurrence was nothing short of shocking. Abdullah was not only masked but also carrying a machine gun that was “about as big as him.”

Reportedly, Abdullah is optimistic about the prospects for the ISIS. 


A gunman, who The Daily Beast reports as responsible for the young Abdullah, stated, “We believe they will conquer all of Iraq and Persia and that they will liberate Jerusalem. They have a dream and their dream is to establish an Islamic state.”

Unlike Mohammed, Abdullah volunteered to join ISIS, following in the footsteps of his father and brothers.

 The moment that ISIS overruns a city, Sunni jihadists begin praying on the young boys and men, between 10 and 30 years-of-age, “both to control the territories they have and to join the fight on other fronts within Iraq,” reports The Syria Deeply.

 These ISIS camps are being presented to the boys and young men as places designed specifically to teach the Quran and the foundation of Islam, according to Mohammed. But, as he quickly learned, that was not the case because these camps were so much more than that.

“The training was divided into two parts,” Mohammed said. “In religious classes, they taught us their version of Islam, the extremist methods they follow, and the necessary foundations of creating an Islamic caliphate state—their ultimate goal. They also try to convince us of jihadist ideology, like the greatness of martyrdom.” Combat lessons are also included in this training and lasts about 25 days.

 Clearly, these are just two examples in a sea of youngsters who face an unfortunate and horrifying future. Many hundreds upon hundreds of children and young adults are being recruited, many forcefully, into camps. They are said to be ‘brainwashed’ by ISIS and put immediately into service, claim the boys who were lucky enough to escape.

“We are teaching children who are less than 15 years old to fight and use arms in order to build a generation of strong fighters who follow the righteous path,’ stated Abou al-Ghanem, an ISIS fighter who trains children in these camps. “To fulfill the duty upon us all to fight the enemy and learn the foundations of jihad and the true teachings of Islam,” is the reason stated for snatching up all these children.

 “That’s why we created these camps.”



By Lorra B. Chief Writer for Silent Soldier

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