Obama aims to ‘grow’ aid for China

The Citizen Media

U.S. already $1.3 trillion in debt to top economic, military competitor


The Obama administration now has ambitions to expand the number of aid programs to China and is working on deploying a privately contracted overseer to “manage and grow” this development portfolio, WND has discovered.

Obama intends to accomplish that task through the U.S. Trade & Development Agency, or USTDA, which technically is an “independent” White House agency – one that has spent millions on projects in China under both the Obama and George W. Bush administrations.

Those projects have included, among numerous other industry sector-specific programs, 50 climate-change and environmental initiatives since 2001, according to USTDA estimates.

The agency this year began searching for a candidate from the private sector to fill its Beijing-based “program manager” slot. The newly created position includes East Asia-wide responsibilities but has a largely China-centric focus.

Indeed, according to a Personal Services Contractor…

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