School for Nazis: Parents’ horror as children in German school begin greeting one another with ‘Heil Hitler’ and using Nazi slogans

The Citizen Media


An entire high school class in Germany is being investigated into after the teenage pupils allegedly started greeting each other with ‘Heil Hitler’ and communicating in Nazi slogans.

Parents and authorities are horrified after it emerged that some of the 29 student have been swapping Nazi sayings and slogans throughout the school day on instant messaging-app WhatsApp.

Photos of 14 and 15-year-old students at a school near Leipzig in east Germany show them giving Nazi salutes and wearing Hitler mustaches

Students in class 9A at the Landsberg Gymnasiums near Leipzig regularly made anti-Jewish slurs on the messaging app, while praising Hitler as a ‘great man,’ local media reports.

Photos appeared in Germany’s biggest newspaper BILD on Tuesday showing individuals giving the Hitler salute: one boy who was wearing a stuck-on Hitler moustache had his face blacked out.

One of the messages from a student made a Holocaust joke that read: ‘Why…

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