November 18, 2014

#AceNewsServices – KENYA


A mob of Kenyan men has stripped another woman, claiming she was inappropriately dressed, AP reported.

The grainy mobile phone video shows a mob of Kenyan men surround a woman and grab, grasp and yank her clothes until she is naked. Several such videos have emerged recently of attacks by males who deem a woman to be provocatively dressed. The attacks have created a groundswell of anger that saw mostly women protesters flood downtown Nairobi on Monday.

Rachel Machua wore what she called “a little black dress … my normal outfit” to Monday’s protest. She views the recent attacks as stemming from socio-economic conditions: Lower income men are attacking successful, well-dressed women.

The attack came just hours after nearly 1,000 people marched through down-town Nairobi to protest the rising wave of such assaults.  

Nairobi police said Tuesday that nearly 100 people had been arrested.

About 80 of the men were conductors on mini-buses, where a lot of the recent sexual harassment has taken place.

The woman attacked Monday evening was taken to the hospital with injuries.

The mobs of men have attacked women wearing mini-skirts and any outfit they consider too revealing. 

The hashtag #MyDressMyChoice is trending in Kenya’s social media as this East African country sees a clash between new, Western lifestyles and traditional African ways. The marchers on Monday demanded the right for women to dress how they want without being harassed or attacked.

Deputy President William Ruto has weighed in on the issue by saying Kenya is not a primitive society and that the attacking men must be arrested.

Conservative groups have countered that women must dress appropriately.

The women’s march was organized after grainy mobile phone video made the rounds on social media in Kenya. The video showed a mob of men surround a woman and rip away her clothes until she was naked.

In 2013 a middle-aged lady was on Saturday morning stripped naked by Matatu touts after she appeared at a bus stage in Kitengela clad in a micro mini skirt. Touts descended on the shocked lady tearing her clothes off. She was saved by onlookers who wrapped her in lessos before a motorbike was called to sneak her out as residents threatened to parade her in the town.

Though women say such attacks have occurred for years.

AP – Ace News Services 



  1. Yesterday, I read a story in “Russia Today” that was equally disturbing. A 20-year-old refugee (Austria as I recall) sexually assaulted a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool. He admitted to the assault but called it a “sexual emergency”. He was found guilty but it was overturned. The new judge said the refugee was unable to determine if the lad was open to the assault or not. A 15-year-old girl had also been sexually assaulted at a pool before this attack. —–Yes, I was at a loss for words as well but not at a loss as to what Western nations need to do, how they need to respond.

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  2. How does a savage man know how a woman is suppose to dress? Now it is time for these women to protest by going on vacation in every household and leaving the men to their own vices until they learn/know how to treat and respect women.

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