Navy Female Sub Officers Allegedly Recorded In The Shower

December 4, 2014



According to the Navy Times, female naval officers aboard the USS Wyoming, a ballistic missile submarine, were secretly filmed while they were in the shower. These women were some of the first to serve onboard submarines.

A 24-year-old male sailor is accused of making and distributing the videos, and so far is identified only by his rank: second class petty officer.

There are allegedly videos of at least three women showering or undressing that were filmed over the course of a year. The cameras may have caught men showering as well, but it is believed that the only videos distributed were of women.

A ballistic missile sub has 15 officers and 140 enlisted on board. The intersex bathrooms are in officer quarters. The women must hang a sign indicating that they are using them, and that the men must wait until they are finished to enter.

Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating. The incident report characterizes this as a “privacy violation,” although one of the victims allegedly calls this a case of sexual harassment.

Some of the women are reportedly unhappy with how the situation is being handled by leadership, saying there is a lack of sensitivity towards the victims.

Women began entering submarine training four years ago, and this scandal comes weeks before the next round of integration, with women scheduled to join Virginia class subs in January.


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