While The Media Remains Focused On The Manufactured “Crisis At Hand”…

December 5, 2014

The Last Refuge:

There’s a whole bunch of issues not gaining any attention.

Obama Racine♦  Whatever happened to the results of the Bowe Bergdahl investigation that was completed by the Army?  (link)

♦  What about that Unaccompanied Alien Children crisis that Jeh Johnson was saying required the emergency $3.7 BILLION dollar “emergency” appropriations that never took place? (link)  Apparently HHS found a way to get the money from somewhere?

♦  The IRS scandal which now appears to contain direct ties to the White House and former Chief of Staff Jack Lew (link)

♦  2015 ObamaCare premium increases that were never supposed to happen and all the various issues.  (link)

It’s enough to make you think this is all just a distraction; enabling the White House to kick the can past the distracted media.

2 thoughts on “While The Media Remains Focused On The Manufactured “Crisis At Hand”…

  1. When the final epitaph on the Obama Administration is written, it will come down to the entire fraudulent eight-years was nothing more than the White House being occupied by a poser who desired to destroy out Constitution and the country in his own version of a house of mirrors filled with smoke.

    Members of congress share equally in blame because they failed to do their job early on and impeach him or prevent him from being put in office in the first place.

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