December 6, 2014

Christian Patriots:

‘How would they ever know? They don’t even know who’s in the country’


WASHINGTON – An aide to Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., and the governmentwatchdog group Judicial Watch strongly disputed a statement by a government official that there is “no credible information that a terrorist has crossed or will cross” the border between Texas and Mexico.

Texas Public Safety Director Steve McCraw made that claim during a hearing before the Texas Legislature Thursday.

Hunter aide Joe Kasper told WND, “In all due respect to Mr. McCraw, he’s wrong – flat out wrong. His statement that he has no credible information is absolutely confounding. But to speak candidly, if we are looking to determine what’s really happening along the border, we have not and don’t intend on asking Mr. McCraw.”

Kasper noted, by the Department of Homeland Security’s own admission, an estimated 150,000 illegal border-crossers eluded apprehension in the last fiscal year without any knowledge by the DHS of where they went or where they came from, “So for him to say he knows who is entering and who isn’t – he must have some magic power that nobody else has.”

As for McCraw’s claim there is no information terrorists will enter the country, Chris Farrell, director of investigations for Judicial Watch, told WND, “Given that they (DHS) only apprehend a third of all those crossing, how would they ever know? They don’t even know who’s in the country. How can they possibly ever make a statement like that? How can they make a statement about who’s here and who isn’t?”

Farrell called McCraw’s statement “simply false” and noted Judicial Watch has published a wealth of material documenting how terrorists have already crossed the Texas border repeatedly.

He pointed to a 2009 bomb plot hatched in El Paso, Texas, against Oprah Winfrey and the Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower) detailed by Judicial Watch just this week.

Two of the plotters have since been jailed for state crimes.

Emad Karakrah is in custody in Cook County, Illinois, for making a false car-bomb threat after leading police on a high-speed chase through Chicago with an ISIS flag flying from his car.

Illegal immigrant Hector Pedroza Huerta is in an El Paso County jail after a third drunken-driving charge. While he has pleaded guilty to immigration charges, Judicial Watch said it was unclear why Huerta and Karakrah are not facing federal conspiracy charges for the bomb plot.

Worse yet, Farrell told WND two plotters currently at-large, Jaber Elbaneh and Adnana Gulshair el Shukrjumah, are on the FBI’s most-wanted list, yet, “Those two bad guys have been in and out of this country practically at will,” and “The FBI has known about this since 2009, and they’ve done nothing.”

Farrell said Shukrijumah, who goes by the alias Javier Robles, flies in and out of the country in small aircraft, landing in rural airstrips in the El Paso area.

The two planned the bomb attack in El Paso and the nearby town of Anthony, NewMexico, in 2009 and as late as the spring of 2014, according Farrell.

Judicial Watch said the attack was inspired by hatred of American military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Winfrey’s Harpo Studios was targetedbecause the plotters resented her popularity and power, while the tower was selected due to its landmark status.

Written by GARTH KANT
Read more at WND



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