Guess How Much Taxpayer Money The Government Spent On This Launch Tower They Never Plan To Use?

LDecember 18, 2014


GULFPORT, Ms — The giant web-like tower was conceived as a launch platform for rockets taking Americans to the moon and Mars.

Instead, it sits as proof of government waste.

“You lock the door, so nobody gets in and hurts themselves,” project manager Daniel Dumbacher told the Washington Post.

Making matters worse, NASA knew the tower would go unused after the President mothballed the program.

Even so, the Senate, spurred by Mississippi Republican Roger Wicker, voted to keep the money rolling.

“When it comes down to their pork, they’re always going to defend it,” space policy expert Rand Simberg told Bloomberg.

David Forshee was a pipe fitter’s foreman on the project. He stated things more simply.

“That’s a lot of people’s hard-earned money,” he began. Forshee had another question for anyone who would listen. “What the hell are they doing?”

Many taxpayers would like to know, as well.

The price to build is just one part of the puzzle.

The Post reports maintenance on the monstrosity will set you and me back $700,000 yearly.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Forshee continued.

“You thought you’d done something good, all you’ve done is go around in a damn circle, like a dog chasing his tail.”

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