cDecember 18, 2014

Desert Musings:

Here’s an early Christmas present for the environmentalist wacko’s out there. You’re not doing as much for the ecology of our planet as you think you are. In fact, you’re hurting it.

That’s right. You’re hurting our planet, so please stop!

When you take into account the fact that the wacko contingency is big on buying electric cars because they don’t pollute, you need to fill them with facts (which is, after all, what we do here!). See, if they live in a “dirty coal” producing state like West Virginia, or Ohio, or Pennsylvania, or Illinois, or Wyoming, or North Dakota, they’re doing more damage by buying an electric car than if they’d just drive a regular gasoline powered auto. The reason? What do you think electricity in those states is made from? That’s right. Coal. And the fact that you’ve replaced gasoline with having to burn dirtier coal for a fossil fuel for your car doesn’t help anyone. Oops. Didn’t see that one coming did you? See, coal produces 39% of our electricity in this country.

So, you’re spending more money to get a “cleaner” car, that’s actually polluting the air more? Didn’t think things through so much, did you?

cSo, what if you live somewhere other than those six states. How about ethanol? It’s corn, right? Corn is “renewable”. That means we can never run out of it. Yup. And it also pollutes the atmosphere worse than gasoline does. So while it’s “renewable” (by the way…so it oil), you’re not doing anybody any favors by using ethanol. In fact, the only ones you’re doing a favor are the corn farmers, and I’m sure they’re thanking your stupidity about now. You get fewer miles per gallon with ethanol than you do with gasoline, so you need more of it…more of something that is worse for the atmosphere? Hmmm.

Where did I come up with all of this nonsense? How about Dr. Julian Marshall, professor of Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Not exactly your bastion of conservative thought. And there have been several studies by several universities and think tanks backing up Dr. Marshall on the thought process.

cI haven’t even begun to mention what happens to those big, bulky, batteries when you finally get rid of the car. Do you think those are biodegradable? Nope. Some pretty severe stuff to pollute landfills…and right now there’s no place to recycle them. And when you see what they’re made of…lead, nickel, metal hydride, and acid. Not real friendly stuff to be throwing away. And if you’re going to keep your electric car longer than 8 years, you’d better plan on buying a new set of them. That can run you up to $10,000 depending on the make of the car.

End result? Stick to gasoline. Until they figure out how to strap one of those wind turbines to the roof of your car you’re probably better off not being eco-friendly, but being a regular, normal person. It’s just another way liberal philosophy has failed.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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