iDecember 18, 2014

Desert Musings:

Sometimes I’m bursting at the seams proud to be an American. This is NOT one of those times. Today, I’m ashamed. I’m pissed. I’m totally angry at Sony Pictures. I know they’re a Japanese company, and therefore technically not American, but damn it, they’re on our soil. They make a lot of their world-wide profits here, and they really screwed the pooch on this one.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the blackmail that was purported on Sony by North Korea. Kim Jung Un, that fat little ball of rice, got his underwear in a bunch because Sony was working on “The Interview”, a comedy based on an assassination attempt of Kim. Now, I’m not normally one to think that assassination is a funny thing regardless who it involves, but the parts of the movie that I’ve seen ARE pretty funny.

Sony got their computers hacked, allegedly by North Korea. As you’ve no doubt heard, they’ve spilled the beans on everything from what the brass at Sony thinks of Bobo Obama and Angelina Jolie, to how much money Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t make, to seeing all sorts of movies that are up for release. Who’s at fault for that? Yes, North Korea certainly, but also Sony for having such lax security on such sensitive material.



After North Korea releases the information to the world, and embarrasses Sony, they decide to take it a step further and threaten “9/11 style attacks on theaters if Sony releases ‘The Interview’ on Christmas Day”. So what does Sony do? The cave. That has me more pissed than you would like to know.

Basically what Sony Pictures has done is to tell the world that all it takes to get your way with the United States is to threaten us, and we’ll back down. Hire some hackers, break into a system, steal some corporate information, and threaten to kill folks, and the world is your oyster. Sony, you have no balls. What you SHOULD have done is stood up to these thugs and said that there’s no way they were going to stop you from releasing the movie, and that you were going to hire security at all of the 3,000 screens that it was playing at. You were going to go to extreme lengths to make sure that the move DID play. That would have been the smart move. Instead, you cowered in the corner like a frightened child.

I think the only apt response to this is for all of us to boycott Sony movies and Sony products from this point forward. I love Sony’s products…and I loved their movies, but I love my country more. And if you’re going to back down to a little not even two bit fat ass half a world away who can’t even keep water and electricity running, you’re not worthy of doing business on the world stage. I’m done with Sony. Finished…kaput. Head back to Tokyo. I’m just disgusted at this lack of spine!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


  1. You forgot the three US movie theatre chains who first said that they wouldn’t show the film. They did so because if anyone had been harmed in one of their theatres at a screening of the “Interview” there would have been a queue of lawyers a mile long ready to sue the corporations on behalf of the victims.which could have bankrupted any or all of them. Had they show the film across the nation – then whoever is behind this just couldn’t hit every cinema. If they could then the security services certainly would have something to answer for.

    Sony have made enormous mistakes, but puling this movie is not one of them. That their computer security is so vulnerable still (after the playstation debacle)is bordering on the criminal. I wonder if Sony will still be in business this time next year. This will be a great Christmas present for the lawyers. But after the distributors pulled out Sony had no choice but to pull the film.

    But let’s not forget the media who were quite willing to fullfill the wishes of the hackers by publishing all the gossip gleaned from Sony.

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    • Well said sir! Of course, your right about the law suits. Someone stubs their toe and they sue for millions. I do have to wonder, still, if pulling it was a good idea. The president it sets is huge and leaves many doors open for future conquests…Just a thought.


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