THE U.S.: OBAMA’S DUMPING GROUND–First Wave Of 9,000 UN-Approved Muslim Immigrants For US Resettlement

cDecember 18, 2014

Arlin Report:

The greatest reason for immigration or turning massive groups of people into refugees from any nation is war, terrorism and violent chaos, etc.

Leaving one country for another as a refugee is only a temporary fix. They may only survive to fight another day.   It does not solve the problems of the nation abandoned.   Eventually, what caused them to leave the homeland follows them, catches-up and ultimately spreads to the nation that rescued them.

Muslims are threatening the U.S. that they will kill us in our own streets and neighborhoods; yet Obama will accept UN “approved” Muslim immigrants for U.S. resettlement.   Yeah, that makes a hell of a lot of sense.   The UN will screen each immigrant right?   Right!   Why don’t we just put a cannon next to our head and have Obama light the fuse.   It is the Muslim goal to destroy all non-Muslims; they said it, repeatedly.

This is only the first wave!!

The U.N. infiltrating our lives once again……We have no business with the United Nations.   Guess what America, we have and are capable of surviving without the interference or assistance of the U.N.  They have become, and may have always been, a tool of the Illuminati for the New World Order (one world government).

The spread of Muslim immigration escalates the movement towards the U.S. turning into a 3rd world nation.   American cities, will resemble cities in war-torn Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan to name a few.

If this escalation of the Obama immigration plan continues, it will get ugly.   Eventually when sleeping Americans wake up because they see all they have worked for handed over by a government that economically and socially continues raping us, it will get ugly, real ugly.   That is what Obama wants, a nation at war within…….you think there are racial and ethnic problems now?   Obama knows this!

I know of an organization called Doctors Without Borders, we are becoming a Nation Without Borders.   If we do not wake up there will be no United States of America as we knew it.   The States will become divided, we will no longer be united.   We are becoming an extension of the Middle East and South and Central America. That is what uncontrollable immigration will create; especially with all it brings with it.  The World of Obama!  The United States is nothing more than a dumping ground to Obama.



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