6 thoughts on “WATCH: Fox Affiliate Caught Altering Protester Chant Video

  1. Yeah, I didn’t hear “until the cops are in cell blocks” or whatever they said….I thought they were saying, “Kill a cop in cell blocks”. But then again, my hearing isn’t that good. I’ll just say this: If you’re not breaking the law, you’re not getting killed by cops. Best way to stay living? Follow the law.

    And to you Lorra, a VERY Merry Christmas!!!! Love your stuff, girl!!

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    • Right Back at ya! Been down with the flue so not on much and prob wont be the rest of the week other that a snippet here and there. Merry Christmas to you and your family and a very happy New Year sir!!


  2. I apparently missed it sounded the same thing to me. The guy from young Turks was at one time a uber lefty and has really moderated his views. Making the segway from NY to the chant didn’t bother me at all, cops are being killed it seems daily, that’s the story. There are likely more good cops than dirty ones, maybe this might wake the dirty ones up? Things have a way of leveling out in the long run


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