Rapes In The Name Of Islam Go Unreported

dDecember 29, 2014

The Muslim Issue:

Not all rapes reported equally

By Ezra Levant, QMI Agency, SUN News

Rape was the most under-reported news story of 2014. Not misreported rape — cases that were splashed over the media but on investigation didn’t turn out the way they were at first presented.

There were plenty of misreported rape stories in 2014 – like Rolling Stone magazine’s cover story about a gang rape at the University of Virginia that has been widely discredited with the magazine acknowledging the discrepancies. Or actress Lena Dunham’s rape story in her own autobiography that her publisher has had to clarify used a pseudonym when naming the accused assailant.

But real rapes were ignored by the western media, especially the mass rapes committed by Islamic State terrorists across Syria and Iraq. Those rapes are not incidental to the war there; they are a central part of it. They are an official part of it.

A member loyal to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) waves an ISIL flag in Raqqa June 29, 2014. The offshoot of al Qaeda which has captured swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria has declared itself an Islamic “Caliphate” and called on factions worldwide to pledge their allegiance, a statement posted on jihadist websites said on Sunday. The group, previously known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as ISIS, has renamed itself “Islamic State” and proclaimed its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghadi as “Caliph” – the head of the state, the statement said. REUTERS/Stringer

The Islamic State – a proto-country, run as a theocracy, with sharia law as the law of the land – positively prescribes rape of any captured women. Their terrorist government has published an official fatwa allowing the enslavement of captured women to be used a sexual property of terrorist men. That fatwa specifically permits terrorists to rape prepubescent girls as well.

Rape is not a side effect of the Islamic State’s terrorist war. It is an engine of it – serving not only as a tactic to terrorize opponents, and to compel converts to Islam, but also as a recruitment tool. Any would-be rapist or pedophile around the world knows there is a “country” built with his violent sexual appetites in mind. Any sexually repressed Muslim extremist knows he can join the Islamic State and rape women and girls not only with impunity, but as a form of reward.

And it is a burgeoning form of commerce – there are modern-day rape slave markets in the Islamic State. Blue-eyed girls sell at a premium. The government of Iraq recently reported that Islamic State terrorists murdered 150 women who refused to be rape slaves.

It received little attention in the west. Even less than the kidnapping earlier in the year of hundreds of Christian school girls in Nigeria, to be used as sexual property by the Muslim terrorist group Boko Haram. At least with the Nigerian kidnap victims,

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama was kind enough to hold up a sign on Twitter, saying “bring back our girls.” Even that empty token has proved too much for her, in the face of the Islamic State’s widespread rape slavery.

It’s obvious why the western, liberal media prefers sensational stories about fake rapes by rich, white, American frat boys than real rapes by Muslim terrorists. Because it’s easier to demonize American frat boys – especially fictional ones – than to tackle the inherently misogynist nature of radical Islam. And who knows? Once the media starts to criticize mass rape in Iraq and Syria, it might even notice honour killings in the west, including in Canada, that police and social workers and pundits usually try to pass off as generic “domestic violence.” And soon feminists might even have to comment about the increasingly widespread practice in Canada of Muslim men putting their wives and daughters into head-to-toe bodybags as they walk in the streets.

What should Canada do about this? We have a handful of CF-18 fighter jets doing occasional combat missions against Islamic State terrorists. But even that is too much in the mind of Justin Trudeau. He says we should focus on humanitarian relief – he specifically mentioned our “expertise” on how to cope with cold weather. He actually said that. Don’t stop the rape slavery. Just parachute down some winter coats to them. They’re in a desert, in the Middle East.

This isn’t getting better. It’s getting worse. But don’t expect to read much about it in 2015.



9 thoughts on “Rapes In The Name Of Islam Go Unreported

  1. Ms. Lorra I’m surprised about this activity, one would think they would be too busy tending their barn yard animals. HA. It’s true. I’m putting this over on dangers of Allah. thanks J.C.


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