BREAKING: Mitt Romney, A Possible Presidential Run?

dDecember 30, 2014

Conservative Tribune:

The two years between the 2012 presidential election and now have been kind to Mitt Romney, the Republican standard-bearer that year. Not only has the bloom definitely come off the Obama rose, but the former Massachusetts governor has been able to showcase a side of himself not often seen during the run for the presidency.

All of this may augur well for a 2016 run for the presidency. And while Romney himself has ruled out that possibility, a close friend of his hasn’t.

According to the Deseret News, Kem Gardner, the real estate developer who picked Romney to rescue the Salt Lake City Olympics bid, believes Romney will strongly consider a run in 2016.

“I know exactly what Mitt’s going to do,” Gardner told the paper. “I think over the next few months, a lot of things will happen.”

Gardner says that Mitt will see who’s going to run and how they’re received. The former nominee will then make a decision on whether or not he’ll make another go at it.

“He’s not making any decision right now,” Gardner said. “He feels he needs to wait and see what candidates come out and how they’re received, and how much support they have.”

“He does not want to see this race go to the Democrats,” Gardner added, saying that the decision will be based on who looks to be the frontrunner.

“If it’s Ted Cruz that’s the candidate, he’s in. If it’s Jeb Bush, he’s probably not.”

Spencer Zwick, one of Romney’s key fundraisers in 2012, said that he hopes Romney does run again.

“I hope he [enters the race]. So do many others,” Zwick said. “That doesn’t mean he will. But there are many people who are hopeful.”

However, Zwick also added that, “I don’t believe Mitt Romney is going to make a decision to run or not based on who’s doing well or who’s not.”


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