Who knew or would have ever guessed? Hint-Think Eleanor Roosevelt

dDecember 29, 2014

We The People:

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Bringing new meaning to the term “Pistol packing Mama,” we have the historical account of Eleanor Roosevelt having a concealed carry permit issued in NY,even though it was illegal to carry in NYC. 


Unexpected Gun Owner
Eleanor Roosevelt

Note the date on the permit above, 1957 she applied for the permit at age 72, from the pictures below she was obviously a shooter long before then.   I wonder if the ever joined the NRA” LMAO!

The Secret Service Division was created on July 5, 1865 in Washington, D.C., to suppress counterfeit currency.

Chief William P. Wood was sworn in by Secretary of the Treasury Hugh McCulloch.

In 1902 The Secret Service assumed full-time responsibility for protection of the President. Two operatives were assigned full time to the White House Detail.

Eleanor Roosevelt, (1884-1962) the wife of America’s longest
serving president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, seems at first glance to
be an unlikely gun owner.

This is due both to her connection with
the politics that characterized President Roosevelt’s early years in
office and causes with which she allied herself after his death.

Interestingly, attacks from political foes of her husband are highlyreminiscent of those aimed at Hillary Clinton, the spouse of another Democratic president sixty years later; the anti-Roosevelt slogan “We don’t want Eleanor either” finding popularity among Republicans and even some Democrats.                        

It was no secret Eleanor flew in on the “Noon Baloon from the moon from the planet, “Lesbonia,”as letters from her many decade relationship with Lorena Hickok reveled. How progressive of her.


President and Eleanor Roosevelt came to personify two main
traits defining early 1930s and ‘40s era liberalism; an active federal
government creating New Deal programs aimed at alleviating Great Depression economic woes and internationalist involvement on the world scene, which culminated in America entering the Second World War.

A flurry of speculation filed consecutively from other sources took this as proof of barely veiled Communist sympathies to another warning direly against her recruitment of troops to install a Roosevelt family dictatorship after the war.

Scrawled vertically and triple underlined in the margin next to one of these reports is a reaction from at least one FBI operative, exclaiming: “SHUT HER UP.”

Entire article below.

By way of contrast, conservatives in that era tended to
distrust government expansion and be isolationists regarding foreign

Eleanor Roosevelt for the most part kept controversial opinions
on a back burner during her husband’s political rise and especially as
First Lady, but following President Roosevelt’s death in 1945, she felt less constrained.

It had always been an open secret she leaned
favorably toward America’s emerging civil rights movement; hardly a popular cause in the early 20th century, though during W.W.II she
discouraged many progressives by publicly calling for black citizens
to scale back equality demands.

Such actions earned her contempt from each end of the political
spectrum, however, Roosevelt’s most powerful enemies came from the right. J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI, disliked her enough that on his insistence, agents began compiling an epic surveillance file that eventually filled nearly 4,000 pages.

In the years since, large portions have been declassified for public viewing. A typical example from them warranting his investigation concerned statements Eleanor Roosevelt made before American soldiers that according to news reports in early 1944, urged them to remember military lessons of teamwork for the purpose of more effectively pursuing social goals back home.

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