Insider: Supermarkets Have Less Than One Day Supply Of Food On Hand


December 31, 2014


Source: Govt Slaves


Most of you have read about or witnessed the chaotic scenes in supermarkets that ensued over the weekend due to the national EBT card outage. In Louisiana barbaric savages filled carts to the brim after learning their accounts had no limits and could steal hundreds of dollars of food with no consequences.

Hopefully this was a wake up call to everyday citizens that preparedness is a strategy we need to be instituting in our ever so busy and chaotic lives. I wish I had good news to share with our readers, but the situation at hand is way worse than one could ever imagine, this according to a supermarkets insider.

” Supermarkets and retail outlets are focused on ways to become profitable, so don’t be surprised that your local supermarket will have less than one day of food on hand” according to a source who works for a west coast powerhouse.

As companies continue to reduce shrink (a term used for waste in the industry) and look for ways to become more profitable, supermarkets have been forced to reduce inventory to levels that haven’t been seen in years, leaving consumers only a few days away from an empty refrigerator.  According to my industry source, who would like to remain nameless, “profits are very slim in the  industry and competition is opening up around every corner, so most companies have instituted an equation called sales to purchase ratio, where departments like grocery, produce, meat, deli and bakery are required to meet a certain threshold, usually 55%, meaning your purchases from the warehouse can’t be more than 55% of your total sales for the week leaving very little product on hand to sell to the general public.  Major supermarkets justify this strategy due to the advancements we have made in transportation over the years, where major players get a delivery every day and some of the bigger volumes stores in large metropolitan markets get up to two deliveries a day.”

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