dJanuary 5, 2015

Desert Musings:

For the first time since Barack Obama became president, the economy wasn’t the most pressing issue on the minds of most Americans. I don’t think it’s ever been the most pressing issue on Obama’s mind, but it’s been relieved as #1. The most pressing issue facing our country right now? Our government. And really, there are two, maybe three people to thank for that.

We can of course, thank Bobo Obama himself. He’s been a one man wrecking crew when it comes to destroying the constitution. I feel for the young minds he shaped teaching constitutional law. What a warped view of the world they received for their money! But it’s not a big surprise, and he DID warn us! Remember back in 2008’s campaign when he talked about a need for transformational change? Little did we know this was what he was thinking of. Basically, you can’t use the constitution as toilet paper and expect the American public to forgive you that easily. That’s why he lost the House in 2010, and the Senate four years later. It was a message that America was sending to him. If you’re going to disobey the constitution, your oath of office, and the will of the American people, we’re going to send people to Washington that we hope will MAKE you obey. Now, let’s see if it works.

dThe second person we can thank, I really do believe, is equally as guilty. That person is Harry Reid. Reid’s reign as majority leader in the Senate was unparalleled with rules changes, rash decisions, and stone walling. All the while the president was bashing Republicans for not passing a bill, what he was really saying was House Republicans haven’t passed a bill that Harry Reid wants to try and get through the Senate, one that he thinks I can sign. See, the GOP led House over the last two years passed over 345 bills that Harry Reid basically ignored. He didn’t assign them to committee. He didn’t vote on them. They sat on his desk and became paperweights. In my book that’s just plain wrong. It borders on criminal. I mean, Harry Reid has the leeway to run that Senate how he sees fit, and yes, they can change the rules if they desire, but to pull the stunts this man has pulled also is unconstitutional. If not, it certainly flies against every thread of the founding fathers’ idea as to what a Senate should be.

dThe third person I think I can throw into the mix? I would add Valerie Jarrett. She’s not elected, but she’s been a big part of Obama’s failure. He has relied on her “expertise” more than any other person since he came to Washington, and she has been there to steer him down the wrong path time and time again. She’s been the one to tell him to double down. She’s been the one to tell him to go against the constitution, that no one would call him on it. But they have. At least 13 times, the Supreme Court has slapped Obama in the face by 9-0 votes, including two sitting justices that HE appointed! That alone should tell you that he’s over-stepped his bounds. And it’s because of Valerie Jarrett and her advice. I mean, c’mon…Bobo doesn’t have the cajones to do it himself! She is his brass balls.

Bad government topping the list of concerns in America shouldn’t surprise anyone…now that we’ve put up with it for 6 years. What should surprise us, is, we haven’t done anything about it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!



  1. Tomorrow January 6th on a beautiful Tuesday Morning the Republicans take charge of the Senate, watch them make life so miserable for the former Dem majority that several will quit, not serving out their terms or not run again for office. Cya wouldn’t want to be ya. My first executive order as your new President will be to cut congressional retirement packages by 75%. The remaining 25% they will need for Obama Care premiums. This way they will indeed be getting their fair share. HA


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