January 5, 2014


Jan.05: The sounds of people crying and sobbing as well as applause filled Bantul district courtroom after presiding judge Sulistyo M. Dwi Putro cleared Ervani Emi Handayani, 29, of charges relating to defamatory statements made via her Facebook account.

Walk free: Ervani Emi Handayani (right), 29, hugs one of a number of neighbors who have provided her with continued moral support, after a trial at the Bantul district court on Monday. In the trial, the court’s panel of judges decided that Ervani was not guilty of making defamatory statements via her Facebook account. (JP/Slamet Susanto)

Sulistyo said it was not proven that Ervani’s statements posted on Facebook had defiled a person.

“Charges against Ervani have not been proven. Her posted statements were just criticism against Ayas and it is hoped that this case can become a lesson learned for both parties,” the judge said before he read out his verdict at the court on Monday.

Ervani was sued for defamation after she posted comments on Facebook about Ayas, a supervisor at Jolie Jogja Jewellery, where her husband, Alfa Janto, was working. Ervani vented her anger over her husband’s dismissal for refusing a job amendment. She described Ayas and other Jolie Jogja Jewellery supervisors as “childish” and said they were unsuitable to be leaders of the company.

Sulistyo said Ervani’s case did not meet elements of the definition of defamatory as charged by prosecutors.



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