While Obama Boasts of Ending War in Afghanistan, Marine Family’s Letter Puts It In Perspective

January 5, 2015

We The People:

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

This is a barn burner of a letter written by the father of a Marine who served under the feckless “leadership.” of  poser, Barrack Hussein Obama.

If the war in Afghanistan were truly over why did Obama order one thousand more troops to be stationed there at the same time of his fake announcement?


They may be advisers today but will be combatants in the very near future as the Iraqi army is next to useless.



1000 U.S. Marines return again to Kandahar.


It’s safe to say his letter would be agreed upon by the majority of thinking Americans.

That of course would leave out progressive/liberal Marxists who voted for Obama as they are not know for their intellectual capacity using facts to understand what was written below.


While President Obama boasts of ending the War in Afghanistan, a Marine dad’s letter from 2012 helps put this “achievement” in perfect perspective.

The comments on a letter of condolence from President Obama to Steven R. Hogan, posted publicly, tells a much different narrative than the one the White House and much of the news media have trumpeted.


The letter reads:

“Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama,

I am deeply saddened that you are the President of the United States. You sir are an embarrassment to the Oval Office. My son, as well as most Marines I know, despise you and your lack of representation for our military.

Your ridiculous rules of engagement have caused the massive amount of casualties on your watch in Afghanistan. While we watch your media pander to your administration and clearly sweep things under the rug for you, I fully understand Marines die. You have tied their hands & feet!

I am thankful I did not serve under a Comm. in Chief such as you. I am sickened that my son had to. I wonder… I doubt that you will see this, I hope you do though!”

Steve Hogan

Last week, the President once again announced the end of “combat operations” in Afghanistan, although he said that our troops will remain there to fight what he called “the remnants of al Qaeda.”  This is what he said:

“We’ve been in continuous war now for almost thirteen years—over 13 years, and next week we will be ending our combat mission in Afghanistan. Obviously, because of the extraordinary service of the men and women in the American armed forces, Afghanistan has a chance to rebuild its own country. We are safer. It’s not going to be a source of terrorist attacks again,”

Obamat gave a similar statement at Fort Bragg, NC, in December 2011. Early in his presidency, July 2009, the President said that “victory” was not necessarily the goal in Afghanistan.

While our troops have fought a brutal enemy under weak rules of engagement, fully knowing the President’s stated intention to pull us out of Afghanistan, the Taliban has pursued an insurgent strategy of harassment and “waiting it out.” This week, the Taliban leadership scoffed at the United States in the wake of its announcement that it was ending “combat operations.”

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