Video: Parents See Sons Robbing A Store, Then Do Something About It

January 7, 2015

Mad World News:

The parents of two teens had just returned home from a New Year’s Eve celebration when they flipped on their local news program to catch up on current events right before bed. ABC11 reported a robbery of a local Fayetteville, North Carolina store that was caught on surveillance tape, but the burglars had managed to get away, that is, until the unsuspecting parents watching the news saw both their sons were among the bandits.

The 14 and 16-year-old brothers were supposed to be staying with an older sibling the evening of the incident. Instead, the teens, along with three other friends, had burglarized a nearby Tech Boyz, costing the store owners thousands of dollars in property damage and missing property. Rather than covering up for their kids, the parents called police and turned the boys in.

“I’m just glad the parents decided to do the right thing,” said Jesse Hill, co-owner of Tech Boyz, who provided the surveillance video to ABC11.

[WATCH] Parents See Sons Robbing A Store, Then Do Something About It

(Screen Shot Credit, Mad World News)

Hill told the news station that the five thugs had made off with laptops, cell phones, and other electronic items and accessories. It only took the boys less than a minute to abscond with all the expensive goods, before footage between nine cameras captured the kids running off into the neighborhood behind the store.

Another boy involved, who is 17-years-old, was also captured and is being processed in the Cumberland County jail. Police are still working to identify the final two teens from the video.

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