President Obama Again Gives Veterans the Middle Finger

dJanuary 9, 2015


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Source: The Washington Times

Blog Post Written by thomlucci, a Disabled Veteran

Republicans and veterans asked the still controversial president to visit the VA hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, that began a VA healthcare scandal, but instead the Muslim, Marxist, reputed homosexual president gave a speech less than a mile away about home ownership.

At Central High School in Phoenix he spoke about his plan(s) to reduce mortgage fees charged by the Federal Housing Authority.

His motorcade sped past the Phoenix VA hospital, but ignored it.

Again, this despicable man, this highly controversial president, who I still do not recognize as being a U.S. citizen or authorized by the U.S. Constitution to be president, ignored veterans and Republicans, preferring, instead, to choose a photo op for his next executive action.

Veterans died while waiting for VA healthcare. Veterans needing healthcare were put on secret waiting lists. The White House and the Administration made an effort to fix the problems, but ole Barry never took a leadership role in those fixes, and has pretty much ignored the situation entirely.

It is no secret he does not like the military, nor does his “wife”, whatever her gender really is.

Previous presidents have realized the role our veterans play in protecting our freedoms and the freedoms of our allies and made it clear they supported the military and our veterans, but this president, this sorry excuse for a man, continues to give the military and our veterans his middle finger.



Hillary Clinton also has made public her disdain for the military. She never has and probably never will support the military or our veterans.

It’s high time we had a Republican in the White House again. Only a Republican can restore our faith in our country and our pride for its history and what it means to us and the world.

Do you remember what Michelle said during the 2008 presidential campaign?

Paraphrasing, she said, after her husband was nominated for the Democratic Party’s candidate for president, this was the first time in her life she had been proud of her country.


In other words, in her entire life, she found absolutely nothing about the United States past or present that made her proud of her country.

Well, maybe she should have packed her black ass up and gone to Africa. After a few years (or preferably decades) living there, she MIGHT find something about America she could be proud of.

Need I spell it out? I despise Barry Soetoro (who calls himself Barack Obama) and his bed partner more than I have ever despised anyone in my entire life.

He is a traitor, a Marxist, an anti-Christian, a pathological liar, an enemy of the United States, and a whole list of other negative descriptions.

Here is my “salute” to the scumbag who was elected not once, but twice by voters who were too blind to see exactly what kind of man he is:

Middle Finger


8 thoughts on “President Obama Again Gives Veterans the Middle Finger

  1. Reblogged this on Bob's Opinion and commented:
    COULD IT BE, that he may be right “Hillary will finish the job”? with the present help of the RNC establishment global socialist union RINOs they could pull it off… Folks it is in our playing field, identify and destroy, protect our voting (my vote counts).. help make America Great Again… the RINOs have already spoken their preference.


  2. All I have to do is compare Obama to the POTUS I served under. That POTUS made me proud to serve him, respected our service, and treated veterans with honor. Obama has made many in the military sorry they serve him, disrespected their service (and severely overworked them by expanding deployments while decreasing active duty service numbers), and dishonors everything he touches. The POTUS I served was named Ronald.

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  3. I wouldn’t want this (So many names i could call him, except president ) Stop any where i am at and he can shove any medals he is handing out up his -ss He is not worthy of the job. I would rather have a rattle snake wrapped around my neck other than any medal from from this creep, who is nothing but a Presidential Impersonator and a self proclaimed Dictator put in power by a Rogue Administration who are so corrupt thr pitiful. They all should be put in chains..

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