The Cartoons Which Resulted In Mass Murder By Muslims

January 9, 2015

Cry And Howl:


While Hillary Clinton, Democrat, wants to “empathize” with our enemies and Barack Hussein snuggles with the Muslim Brotherhood, and liberals cannot help themselves from bowing in front of Barack, Islamists are doing what they do best … murdering innocent people.

Everyone knows that some Muslims attacked the offices of Charlie Hebdo which is a French satirical magazine and murdered twelve innocent people shouting Allah Snak-bar … er … Allah Akbar! I’m sure that Muslims now are fearful of retaliations. At least that’s what they will claim. I’ve noticed time and again liberals defending Islam and Muslims saying “It’s just a few that’s doing these terrorist acts.” Folks a “few” of a billion and a half people = a hell of a lot of chaos, murder and rape. I’ve been here thinking about this. Okay, the Pope is insulted and made fun of daily, right along with Jesus Christ and just about every other religious leader or figure-head. Liberals constantly demean and insult Christians, and say that Jesus was a homosexual … (sick bastards) but I don’t see the Catholics or Christians (yes, there is a difference) storming places shooting innocent people or blowing themselves up in populated areas because of it. How in the hell did Islam get the name “The Religion of Peace?” I think the world needs to wake up and face the truth that Islam is anything but peaceful. Anyway, thanks toPublius Forum, here are the cartoons which resulted in twelve people being slaughtered …


Okay, maybe somewhat tacky but not an excuse to murder folks for in my humble opinion. And who gives a damn? It’s well known and documented that the “prophet” Mohammed was a pedophile and pervert … but again … who freaking cares?

Alas! I have the answer, only those of like mind … ie … Muslims and liberals.

If you click on the picture a couple of times you can get a much larger version.

7 thoughts on “The Cartoons Which Resulted In Mass Murder By Muslims

  1. Jhadist’s and those practicing Sharia law must live by the golden rule, They plan to hand us our heads, let’s hand them theirs first. Of course we bomb anything moving in the neighborhood, that is how one deals with cock roaches.

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