[Watch] Badass Soldier Shot In Buttocks, Doesn’t Stop Him From Returning Fire









January 9, 2015  (Photo credit, Facebook screen shot)

Here is one more example of just how tough soldiers are. Could you continue on after getting shot in the ass the way this soldier did?

Mad World News:

It is undeniable that getting shot with a live round is a great discomfort, but that didn’t stop one soldier from continuing to kick some ass.

All caught on tape, an exchange of gun fire between a group of British Marine’s and an Afghani Muslim extremist group gives us a look at what brave men endure while fighting them. The clip kicks off with one soldier having been shot, and he can be heard in a considerable amount of pain. As you can imagine, the strong language is exactly what you would expect to hear from someone just shot in the ass:

Without a second thought, the wounded warrior directs his fellow soldiers to the location from where the shot came. They subsequently can be heard returning fire, and what’s even more astounding is that the man who’d been shot also joins in the firefight.

After his comrades discover he’s been shot in the rear, they carry him to cover where they could more fully assess his condition. Soon thereafter, it was discovered the bullet had fully passed through his buttocks.


He can be heard to still be in pain, but he’s able to muster up a laugh or two on account of his buddies’ light humor. Surprising, it appears no one thought about the location of the man’s wound as he’s also told to “sit down.”

The video was recently posted to the Facebook veteran community known as Funker530, where a man claiming to be the wounded Marine actually responded. The man’s name isJonny Hart, who wrote, “Haha I’m famous.”

Read more at Mad World News:


2 thoughts on “[Watch] Badass Soldier Shot In Buttocks, Doesn’t Stop Him From Returning Fire

  1. Yep getting shot in the ass would likely hurt, as long as one’s head isn’t firmly implanted at the time like it would be with all Muslim Jihadists, and even with them there is little to damage. Islam has done more damage to the Muslim brain than getting hit square on by a 2500 pound bunker buster. HA


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