dJanuary 14, 2015

Desert Musings:

Yes, it’s time once again to polish up the ol’ crystal ball and gaze into the future. Why? Because frankly, there have been some interesting developments lately that will lead to even more interesting developments up the road:

1. Europe becomes ultra conservative. It always seems that Europe is backwards from where America is. We’re liberal, they’re conservative and vice versa. This time, however, with the recent Islamic terrorist bombings and massacres in Paris, I think we’re going to be in sync. Europe is already moving to get the extremists in all cases, and Islam in a lot of cases out of their countries. Gone are the days of welcoming everybody and becoming the world’s melting pot. They’re taking this seriously this time.

2. The US becomes ultra conservative. Just as Europe is moving to the right, I see America doing the same thing for different reasons. American politics swings on a pendulum. When it moves left a little (say to 7 o’clock), it’ moves to the right the same amount (say to 5 o’clock). When it moves a lot to the left, it moves a lot to the right. So, we’ve really gone left (say 10 o’clock) under Obama. Look for it to go to 2 o’clock soon. It’s just the way we’ve always been.



3. Mitt vs. Jeb…and the winner is?. Mitt Romney. Sorry Jeb, but I don’t think you’ve done anything but solidify Mitt’s resolve to get to DC. I think Mitt learned a lot of lessons in 2012, and will be able to beat whomever the Dems put up. That and because of #2 above, I think we’re going to be looking for a much more conservative answer than anything the Democrats can provide.

4. Obamacare is toast. I’m not sure what will happen this spring with the Supreme Court and King v. Burwell, but I’m sure of one thing. Americans don’t like this law, they don’t like the increases and want to either go back to the way it was, or get something better. Too high co-pays, too high deductibles, costs that rise 20-50% a year, and no real benefit in actually using the insurance for most people put this plan way out of reach for the 70% of people that don’t like it.

5. Recession…here we come! The warning signs are out there. The stock market is flirting with an all time high. Yes, oil prices are super low and heading lower, but if you don’t read the tea leaves, and realize that we’ve been dancing for the past six years on borrowed money and we’re going to have to pay the piper soon, you’ve been asleep. Cash isn’t going to help this time around. It’s going to be deeper than 2009, and it’s going to hurt. Be prepared. Move out of stocks now and get ready. You’ve been warned.

6. Cyber War is here to stay. In case you haven’t guessed, the new warfare is designed to get at civilians’ lives. Yes, we’ll still need the military, but not as much to fight on the ground, and bomb people as to take out the bad guys. It’s going to be almost an assassination squad, not an army. The new warfare is going to be cyber. Taking down someone else’s economy, stealing their secrets. blowing apart their power grid. We’re all vulnerable, and frankly, from the folks I’ve talked to there’s nothing you can do about it.

OK…the crystal ball is getting cloudy again, so time to put it away. You’ve got enough to ponder, so…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Video: A LOOK INTO AMERICA’S FUTURE

  1. Great one Ms. Lorra, I concur with all that is written, let’s hope they come to pass. The U.S. needs to wake of to Islam, their goal is clear, overthrowing the U.S. Constitution, using The Muslim Brotherhood, and now ISIS to penetrate the U.S. They will be thwarted when Republicans retake the White Hou


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