Video: The new ‘Veteran’s Choice’ program is a joke . . .




January 14, 2015


Don’t Tread On Me:

You’ve heard about the problems with the VA – secret wait lists, low-quality care, veterans dead because they couldn’t get treatment . . .

Uncle Sam decided to make a very public attempt at trying to improve.  The idea was to send out “Veteran’s Choice” cards to veterans who either have to wait over 30 days for appointments, or live over 40 miles from the nearest treatment facility.  I live over 40 miles from the nearest clinic, and have had to wait up to 6 MONTHS for an appointment, so I thought it was a slam-dunk for me.

Well, over the year-end holiday, I got the card in the mail.  It isn’t valid unless you call a special 1-800 number to activate it.  I called yesterday, and was told that they can’t activate my card because they don’t have me on an approved list from the VA.  The 1-800 number doesn’t go to a VA office, it goes to some outside agency who is only running the phone bank for the VA – for profit, of course.  They suggested I contact the benefits office at my local clinic, and ask them to submit my information.

Can you hear the merry-go-round?  The calliope music?  Let me put it another way.  Remember what I wrote in a previous blog about how the VA so promptly responds to requests for information from the Social Security offices?  That is actually another government agency – this isn’t.

I think this whole new program is just window dressing so Obama can say he did something about the VA mess, but nothing is actually improving at all.

By Vernon


4 thoughts on “Video: The new ‘Veteran’s Choice’ program is a joke . . .

  1. Wow. That is a travesty at the very least. Grrrrrr. Thank you for your service and sacrifices, though the words simply are not enough. You would think our government would feel the same way and do WHAT THEY KNOW THEY NEED TO DO!!!! Oh, I forgot, we are too busy giving free things away to illegal immigrants to bother with what our veterans need, I forgot. GRRRRRRRRRRR! I’m sorry and saddned for what the system is doing to our veterans. Sigh….


  2. The 40 mile criteria in the veterans choice program is as the crow flies not the driving miles. It also does not apply if you have a VA clinic near you that can provide minor care but not specialty care, I frequently travel 220 miles one way for treatment of several medical problems at a VA Medical Center and I don’t qualify. for local treatment at a non VA facility.

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  3. The VA Medical system is a microcosm of Obama Care but worse.

    Obama Care doesn’t demand that veterans go to “Centers of excellence,” for life threatening diseases or ailments.


    Why shouldn’t Veterans be allowed to go to major centers with equal or better response and survival rates in their immediate area?

    Outcomes are often superior when a veteran is treated with his family involved in rehabilitation for emotional support.

    Our veterans deserve nothing less. Case closed.

    Having worked in the VA System in both Government Sales for two years, then on to Clinical Cancer Research, I have first hand knowledge of their formulary system.

    Not just the drug availability is woeful, I’ve had physicians who treat veterans blackballed from conducting clinical trials.

    That’s right, they were treating our veterans while the FDA said they were not up to par for conducting clinical trials to get a drug candidate approved.

    The VA offers generic medicines which have been shown repeatedly to not be equivalent to their brand name counter part.

    This is frequently the case for psychotropic medicines used to treat epilepsy or post traumatic stress disorder.

    They also use within class substitutions. As an example if one class has shown to be better than a different class, typically a more expensive class, the former is selected. It’ all about the money and not delivering quality care. J.C.


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