Videos: Should Mitt Romney Run For A Presidential Trifecta?








January 14, 2015

By Lorra B:

Should Mitt Romney make a run for President as he told Republican donors in New York he would? To do so will be his third attempt.

Mitt Romney confirmed last Friday that he indeed is considering running for president and is rebuilding his campaign. He seems pretty serious and is working diligently by calling his former aides, donors and supporters, reports The Washington Post.



“Romney’s message, as he told one senior Republican, was that he ‘almost certainly will’ make what would be his third bid for the White House. His aggressive outreach came as Rep. Raul Ryan (R-Wis) — Romney’s 2012 vice presidential running mate and the newly installed chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee — announced Monday that he would not seek the presidency in 2016.”



What do we know about Mitt Romney’s political stance? We know, for example, that he is a moderate and has changed his position, multiple times, on abortion and on gay marriage.

When it comes to the issue of a secure border, however, Romney seems to be your man.  “I very firmly believe that we have to make sure that we enforce our borders, that we have employment verification systems, and that those people who have come here illegally do not get an advantage to become permanent residents, they do not get a special pathway.”

When it comes to amnesty, Romney says he is opposed to it. “Romney believes Republicans should ‘swallow hard’ and pass a permanent amnesty bill in the wake of President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty that even Romney conceded would encourage more illegal immigrants to enter the country,” according to Breitbart.

“Romney recently told Spanish-language Univision that Obama is ‘giving people false hope’ and ‘communicating to people outside this country, ‘Hey, get into the United States illegally and stay, because they’ll always let you stay.’”

Now let’s talk about Romney’s stance on socialized medicine. It was Romney’s model plan that was used for the Affordable Care Act, the very model that President Obama imposed on American citizens, and it was a catastrophe.

But, like most Republicans seeking office, Romney is promising  to repeal the Affordable Care Act on his “first day” in office, a goal that is at odds with alleviating poverty.

According to Huff News Politics, “…the prospect of another Romney campaign failed to capture the hearts of social and fiscal conservatives gathered this week in the nation’s capital to hammer out the policy agenda for the new Republican-controlled Congress.”

Many Republicans seemed uninspired, reluctant to jump on the Romney band-wagon again. In a statement, Robert W. Ellis said, “I’m sure he would make a great president. He knows math and he understands economics. And he’s a hundred percent honest. But the public doesn’t get moved by him. He doesn’t stir their hearts. We need somebody who will light the fire.”

Insiders in the Republican Party, however, are hopeful for another Romney run for president. According to Paul Ryan, “The third time’s a Charm” and told reporters last week he “would love to see Mitt Romney run for president again.”

Even Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) is on board with a Romney run saying, “I think he’s proven right on a lot of stuff. I happen to be in the camp that thinks he’s actually going to run and I think he will be the next president of the United States.”

Now slow down Congressman Chaffetz. Past followers of Romney may be feeling a bit on the fence and some  have voiced their alignment with Jeb Bush.

“I think Jeb Bush already has it locked up. [Romney] won’t be able to duplicate the Bush network,” stated Larry Cirignano of the pro-life group Choose Life America.

Former Senate Majority leader Trent Lott (R-Miss) stated, “They’re competing hard and it’s going to get complicated for Bush. But Romney still has to prove that he has the ability to reach out to ordinary, hardworking people and emote — smiling with one eye and crying with the other.”

Romney has managed, however, to lock in the backing his top two advisers from New Hampshire, Thomas D. Rath and Jim Merrill.

The former New Hampshire state attorney general, Rath, stated, “I’ve been with Mitt Romney for eight years. If he’s in, I’ll make the coffee or drive the car–whatever he needs.”

Should Romney decide to run, will the ‘third time be a charm’ as it was with Ronald Reagan when he, on his third attempt, won both the nomination and general election in 1980, becoming the 40th president of the United States?

Your former aides and supporters wait in limbo and ponder if you will try for a presidential trifecta, Mr. Mitt Romney;  what will you do sir?

By Lorra B:


5 thoughts on “Videos: Should Mitt Romney Run For A Presidential Trifecta?

  1. The one thing Romney SHOULD do…pass an immigration bill that allowed one FINAL amnesty. But adopt Mexico’s immigration laws. You sneak into the country, you do major jail time. You employ an illegal alien, we take your business and all of your personal assets. The border problem would dry up very quickly! And then you don’t do any more amnesties ever again. Done. Kaput.

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