Kamala Harris: The ‘Female Obama’ Plots Her Course On The Road To Washington

January 15, 2015



We The People:

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


This would be a wonderful opportunity for “Kalifornia voters,” to prove they have more than room temperature I.Q.’s by rejecting the warmed over Marxist.  Will they do so? Don’t bet your lunch money on it.


Claiming to be the champion of the Middle class, perhaps the is too ignorant to understand the platforms she has favored and will favor has all but destroyed it.

Mar. 16, 2010 - Sacramento, CA, USA - San Francisco DA and Attorney general candidate Kamala Harris March 16, 2010 in Sacramento, CA. (Credit Image: © Sacramento Bee/ZUMApress.com)


The Guardian

By Rorey Caroll,

She has been dubbed the female Obama. She cooks. She goes to the gym in a hoodie. She views lawyers as heroes and takes on mortgage companies the way Elizabeth Warren takes on Wall Street. She may soon have as many enemies on the other side of the aisle.

She may have made it to the national stage when Barack Obama called her “the best looking attorney general in the country”, but Kamala Harris is now the odds-on favorite to become the next senator from California – and perhaps the nation’s next progressive star in the making.

On Tuesday, following a week of speculation that the 50-year-old California attorney general would make the leap from cool-headed attorney to friend of Obama to potential Washington power player, Harris announced she will run for Barbara Boxer’s Senate seat in 2016.

“Your support has been crucial to me every step of the way,” Harris wrote in an email to supporters, “and I’m asking you to help me build a grassroots campaign that reaches every community of California.”

Her campaign in the making began by – how else? – starting to solicit contributions of $2,600 for a race in which the stiffest challenge may not be the general election but winning the Democratic nomination.

Potential primary contenders include the former Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer – both fierce liberals with nationwide notoriety of their own, and both of whom are said to be considering a run.

By jumping in before anyone else, though, Harris may intimidate the competition from entering the first high-profile Senate contest of 2016. Such is the power of her brand: if California is in its post-Schwarzenegger political era, Harris may be its next liberal franchise.

The state attorney general has found herself in the midst of controversies over the years, but mostly she has climbed California’s political ladder by a careful strategy – perhaps “too cautious”,according to the Los Angeles Times editorial board – to establish her credentials for higher office.

Even before the burgeoning Senate bid, some giddy commentators predicted Harris might eventually run for the White House – the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza once floated a theory that she could elbow aside Hillary Clinton to run for the top job in 2016.

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