Video: ‘Until Tuesday’ – Former U.S. Army Captain, Luis Carlos Montalvan and The Golden Retriever Who Saved Him










January 15, 2015

By Lorra B.:

Until Tuesday’ is from a New York Time’s bestselling author, former U.S. Army Captain, Luis Carlos Montalvan, and about a Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever who saved him.

Montalvan is a 17-year veteran and decorated with numerous awards that include the Purple Heart, Medal for Valor, two Bronze Stars and Combat Action Badge. He has also completed a master’s of science from Columbia University in Journalism.

Coming HomeIn 2003 Montalvan was ambushed at his base in Syria. After his recovery he, remarkably, reenlisted for a second tour of duty, even though the pain and his agitation from his experiences had increased substantially.

Once home from his second tour of duty, Montalvan’s symptoms turned into depression and paranoia— PTSD.

Spiraling out of control and he found himself in fits of anger and extended amounts of time in silence with no end of his misery seemingly in sight.

dAfter two years, Montalvan found he could not seem to leave the confines of his apartment and he had alienated everyone, including those he loved the most, his family.

Then, Montalvan met Tuesday, a trained assistant dog with trust issues of his own.  “Until Tuesday” is the story of how two best friends, each broken in their own way, found salvation in each other, and regained the love of life they had lost,” stated Bret Witter




Montalvan’s children’s book was declared by to be the ‘Best Nonfiction Children’s Book of 2014.’

Taking his pain, his horror, and turning it into something for the good of others, Montalvan is an inspiration. Though the book is more about Tuesday than Montalvan’s experiences in Iraq, it does include war and recovery, though as little as possible. “It’s a positive, life-affirming book about friendship, love and healing,” stated Bret Witter. “And because of Tuesday, it’s often funny.”

Spreading the message of love, healing and hope, Montalvan and Tuesday have been on the road since the publication of Until Tuesday. I would encourage those in pain, be it physical or psychological, to see Montalvan and Tuesday when they come to your area. You will be met with understanding and a loving kisses from the sweetest dog ever.

We salute you Captain Montalvan, and Tuesday too!


By Lorra B.:

3 thoughts on “Video: ‘Until Tuesday’ – Former U.S. Army Captain, Luis Carlos Montalvan and The Golden Retriever Who Saved Him

  1. We all have lost a young author from a Dec. 2, 2016 Suicide. You will be so missed, and never forgotten. Former Army Captain Luis Carlos Montalvan


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