The Mississippi Burning – The Self-Inflicted Investigative Challenges Of The Jessica Lane Chambers Murder…








January 15, 2015

The Last Refuge: by

By now most people are aware of our decision to stop analyzing and researching the Jessica Chambers murder. If not, well now you are.  That said, and because of the exhaustive previous research by all of you genuinely good truth-seekers, an explanation is warranted and deserved.

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My apologies in advance for any length of explanation – And prior to explaining, allow me to assert a belief that investigators probably know who did it.

The problem is proving it.

From day #1, when we became aware of this incident on December 7th,2014, we immediately noticed that not only did this story hold a series of various agenda items which might lead to a buried lede story (FTP and BLM protests);  but also the entire construct of the media reports themselves were indicating a very troubling beginning to what should normally be a serious murder investigation.

When you understand why, you understand the current dilemma.

On December 6th the crime scene itself, and all of the evidence therein, was horridly handled. Many speculated in the days and weeks that followed the Panola County Sheriff’s department might have done that intentionally. We can’t speak to why, indeed we don’t ever think anyone will admit why, but we can explain the outcome thereof.

Within an hour of the first responders arriving on the scene (8:13pm), a decision was made by someone (no-one will admit who – and no media has asked who) to remove the critical evidence, the vehicle Jessica was driving.

That vehicle was towed from the crime scene and showed up at M&M First Stop gas station at approximately 9:30pm.

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At 9:30pm, according to his own admissions, Ali Alsanai (aka: Ali Fadhel, Basem Alsanai) had unrestricted access to the burned vehicle and took pictures of it. Ali uploaded pictures to his Facebook page showing his followers  (see above and below).


The vehicle was towed without police escort, left unattended, and transported without a chain of custody for it to be considered evidence.

After the tow truck driver stopped at the gas station, purchased cigarettes or a soda and allowed Ali access, he dropped it off in the Panola Sheriff outdoor impound lot.

emergency brakeAny evidentiary value held by the vehicle was lost as soon as it became compromised by a lack of security.

In essence, any value within it would be dismissed prior to a courtroom because of the sloppy handling. Any decent defense attorney could get it thrown out because there was no specific and protected chain of custody.

Anyone could have engaged the emergency brake, anyone could have opened the doors, anyone could have put the transmission in park etc.

Similarly the same can be said of the actual crime scene itself which was also left unprotected within hours of the event.

There were no access restrictions put on the crime scene, no-one securing it from compromise, and no effort made to protect it from the external elements of man, weather or nature.   No tarp was placed as ground cover, no physical security was in place, nothing. It was left completely unguarded.

Again, like the vehicle, this essentially removes any crime scene value from follow-up investigative inquiry. It didn’t matter if investigators returned sometime after sunrise for pictures or further review, because no-one secured the scene. It was stomped all over by first responders, media, and anyone who might be a curious onlooker.

Jessica chambers invest 1

Three days after the incident the media were even reporting about visibly seeing investigators returning to the scene to “pick stuff up” and “place in paper bags”.

Sometime around Tuesday 12/9/14 the scene was secured with perimeter tape, but that was about the extent of the effort. Just like the vehicle disposition, by 12/9 any courtroom value was again lost.  Heck, we even captured pictures of vehicle parts left laying in the mud a week later.

So you have to approach this case from District Attorney John Champion’s position of prosecutorial value. When you take that approach you begin to realize how and why John Champion is the lead investigator.

You also realize why Champion drove to Panola on Sunday 12/7/14 for the first media brief.

DA John Champion is not stupid. He might be annoying to listen to in repetition, and he might be covering for the botched prior decision making, but he’s not completely incompetent as a DA.

Champion had to know by the time he was involved, if the goal was a prosecution of a felonious murder, he was already in a weak position regarding the evidence.

If you remove physical evidence from the vehicle and you remove physical evidence from the crime scene from prosecutorial value, what is he left with?

Hopeful of forensics (via DNA or similar) from the victim? Hopeful that cell phone “ping logs” might provide circumstantial evidence? Or, hopeful that someone would either a.) admit to it, or, b.) admit to specific first-hand knowledge of who did it.

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