dJanuary 16, 2015


Desert Musings:   (If you haven’t checked out his blog, you should!)

I think it would be a good thing right here and right now, if we handed the keys to our country over to some Imam somewhere and told him that he was in charge. He’s free to do whatever he wants. Don’t like the constitution? Dump it. Want to institute Sharia Law? Go right ahead. Need to chop off some Christian heads and video tape it for a YouTube broadcast? Why not? Would the steps of the Capitol be ok for you? Or would you prefer Disney world? Oh wait…they’re all about measles. Sorry. I forgot.

No…I’m not kidding. When I read that Duke University, that staid old southern university with a great basketball team and a crappy football team decided they were going to start broadcasting Islamic Calls To Prayer, I lost it. Why even bother anymore? We have kowtowed to Islam for over a decade now. Oh, when they tried to blow up the World Trade Center in the 90’s (remember the Ryder truck in the underground parking garage?) we really didn’t want to upset them. Then after they actually DID blow up the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon, we were going around telling everyone that these were “extremists”, and Islam was really ok….no, really….it’s ok. And we’ve fought the Taliban, and al Qaeda, and Boko Haram, and ISIS, and two thousand other extreme factions of a religion that I have questioned whether or not it’s a religion or a means to eliminate all who aren’t Muslim.



When I watch Obama lap dog, Josh Earnest try to massacre the English language so he doesn’t have to call the Paris bombings a “war on terror”, or Islamists as anything other than “a few extremists”, it makes me sick. What in God’s great name is Obama trying to protect? Is he so afraid that people are going to run clips of him in the 2012 campaign saying that “bin Laden is dead, and al Qaeda is on the run”? Well, they’re already doing that, Bobo! In fact, now “neato-girl” Marie Harf….third in line to Jen Psaki’s job at State Department came out and said that “core” al Qaeda is alive and well and is a menace to us. Well, which is it? Are they on the run, or are they a menace to us? Actually, Harf, who usually gets it wrong, got it right this time, and Josh Earnest looks like a lost little puppy dog who just got it’s ass kicked by a pit bull.

Either we are in a fight with Islam or we’re not. Either we need to decimate these clowns who are trying to take over the world in the name of “Allah” or we need to surrender and submit. Frankly, I’ve never known us to surrender and submit. Maybe we should trade them Bobo, to leave us the hell alone? We need a leader who actually owns a pair of balls to say enough is enough, go in and kick the living shit out of these guys. And to demand that unless the clerics and imams in this country don’t start coming out against the violence, they’re going to lose their religious status and their tax free status. You want to play hardball? Wait until we de-certify you as a religion ass-wipe! But we will need a different leader to do it. This one doesn’t have the skills to make tough decisions. About as tough as he gets is, what he eats for lunch today. Geesh. I need to switch to de-caf!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


*Permission was given to post articles in their entirety.


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