[GRAPHIC VIDEO] — U.S. Coast Guard Deeply Offended: Did Comedy Central Go Too Far In Pornographic Hazing Scene?

dJanuary 20, 2015

By Lorra B.:

Comedy Central’s portrayal of a hazing scene involving  a U.S. Coast Guard Soldier, a dog, a cup of soda-pop and an exposed anus may have gone too far.

Workaholics season five premiere featured the Coast Guard recruiters involved in a conflict with one of its performers. Anders Holm played the role of the lead character. In this particularly offensive scene, Holm is held down on all fours by the recruiters as soda is poured down his exposed rear-end. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, a small dog is then allowed to lap it all up from his exposed buttocks.

Without saying, the Coast Guard is less than happy.

The judge advocate general of the military’s chairman of sexual assault prevention wrote a scathing letter to Viacom expressing their displeasure (full letter link below):

 “While the episode’s storyline about military recruiters may have intended to present a humorous and self-deprecating look at service rivalries, the portrayal of military members lining up to take part in a pornographic film, participating in a vile hazing incident which included both an illegal criminal act of sexual assault and the involvement of a dog, was reprehensible. Sexual assault is a crime. It’s not humorous and it’s not funny. … Your target audience is made up of the same women and men who wear our Nation’s flag on their military uniforms and willingly give their lives to protect our First Amendment rights. And, while you have the right to air these episodes, you also undermine the good your network does by using its platform to educate and expose your audience to critical thinking.”

Warning, explicit detail may be offensive to viewers:




As of this writing there has been no response from Viacom or Workaholics.

Do you think Workaholics went too far in characterizing the U.S. Coast Guard in such an offensive manor?


Workaholics Coast Guard Letter 01



By Lorra B.:



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