WATCH: VA’s Health Management To Be Taken Over By Computer Brain System, Watson

dJanuary 21, 2015

By Lorra B.

The VA’s health management program will be taken over by a computer brain system, Watson, according to IBM.

IBM announced that Watson will make the Death Panels more competent by taking the human element out of it.

According to MakeUseOf, Watson was “designed to imitate biological neurons, for use in intelligent computer systems…” Manufactured by Samsung, Watson can simulate over a million ‘human-like neurons’ with ‘256 synapses each’… and has ‘4096 specialized cores.’

Though Watson is capable of remarkable pattern recognition, when joined with a regular computer system, it can only replicate around a quarter as many “neurons as are found in the cerebral cortex of a typical mouse.”

Computers taking over the thinking process of employees? Does this seem like a good idea or is it going too far?

Maybe a better question is whether the VA can afford more scandal by making it the Ginny Pig for such a program as Watson.



By Lorra B.



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