Legal Gun Owner Gets Tackled In Walmart, Vigilante Arrested – VIDEO

(Screenshot Credit, YouTube)

(Screenshot Credit, YouTube)

January 22, 2015

By Lorra B.

When 43 year old Michael Foster walked into Walmart he didn’t expect to find himself tackling another customer, but that’s just what happened when he spotted a man with a holstered handgun protruding from under his coat. His day only got worse.

The Florida man thought he was acting as a Good Samaritan when he tackled the man and then put him in a choke-hold. Foster, however, acted a bit too hastily.

Clarence Daniels, 62, kept telling Foster that he was licensed to carry the weapon and pleaded to be let go.

As it turned out, Daniels indeed did have a permit to carry the gun and when police arrived it was Foster that found himself in custody and hauled off to jail.



As always, police are telling all citizens to not take matters into their own hands but to allow the Police to handle these kinds of situations.

Foster was charged with one count of battery and will probably think twice before tackling another customer at Walmart, or anywhere else for that matter.

10 thoughts on “Legal Gun Owner Gets Tackled In Walmart, Vigilante Arrested – VIDEO

  1. A concealed gun is what its supposed to mean hidden, out of sight. If part of the gun was in sight it was done on purpose, The guy was just showing off, He should be arrested for exposing the gun. I would have expected some one to react that way if we didn’t know each other, If your not smart enough on how to conceal a gun, then your not smart enough to carry one.

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      • Who did they arrest , If the conceal and carry didn’t have his gun concealed he was the one breaking the law. So they arrest the guy who thought he was defending himself, As usual.The law just cant stand a person trying to defend themselves, so they arrested him. Thr still trying to brainwash people into not defending themselves, they even got our Soldiers doing the same crap. or they get fired right off the battlefield, They have little b——s scurrying around the battle field passing out pink-slips, The Generals, thr firing comes straight from the top., Our Self proclaimed ( Emperor.– Obnero )


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