dJanuary 23, 2015

By Desert Musings:

You know, I didn’t think the GOP had it in them. But I have to take my hat off to them and bow deeply. They made the Democrats in the senate look like fools. The GOP parsed language, moved words around, and in the end, outfoxed the Democrats on amendments to the Keystone XL Pipeline legislation that would have made the GOP look like they were caving to “climate change”.

In the end, what the GOP did was agree to language that basically said the climate is changing, without attributing it to humans (as more and more scientists who originally cried wolf are reporting). And the Democrats are spitting mad about it! Oooh, they got Obamacared! They had a trick played on them, and THEY are the ones that hold the big bag of political tricks! How dare those nasty Republicans play with something as serious as “climate change”.

Congratulations to Mitch McConnell and crew for actually thinking outside the box and coming up with something new and exciting to make the Dems ire rise! It was definately something to behold.



To re-iterate what shouldn’t have to be said at all, but because of the dumbing down of America, and Al Gore’s and Bobo Obama’s insistence that we are causing cataclysmic changes in an already “changing climate”, there IS climate change. That’s because climate changes. But mankind isn’t causing it. That’s the findings of every credible study that’s being done today. Oh, the left will trot out studies from 10 or 20 years ago that say otherwise…and most of those scientists that were involved have already recanted those studies. In fact, one volcano in the south Pacific causes more damage to our ozone layer or our climate, than the 1700 private jets that flew into Davos, Switzerland this week for their big wing ding on “climate change”. Now, THAT is some big-ass carbon footprint!



Truth be told, Al Gore and Barack Obama alone cause more carbon to be spewed into the atmosphere than 27,945 people in their lifetimes. Imagine that the next time you see Bobo somewhere with the bobble-heads behind him at some campaign rally in Idaho or Kansas, where he took that 747 Air Force One to speak. Or Al Gore flying all over the place in his private jet to announce some rock concert tour of headbangers that are into not hurting the environment, but will waste over 250 gigawatts of electricity a week at their concerts (most of which was produced by high-sulfar coal). Sound a little bit hypocritical? Well, they can be forgiven. See, it’s not their deeds that hurt the environment…it’s their intentions that help it. Forget the fact Al Gore uses more electricity in a week on his house in Tennessee than you’ll use this year. Forget the fact that Obama talks a great game about the debate being over, and the science being settled, period…yet, he doesn’t cite any of the latest studies…all of which are finding out that we aren’t hurting the environment by driving our SUV’s…and cows are safe too. Bovine flatulance isn’t doing as much damage as they thought.

So, congrats to the GOP! And to the rest of us…drive on…with your SUV if you dare!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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