Illegals About To Get HUGE Constitutional Right They Don’t Deserve



January 24, 2015

Mad World News:

With wide open borders that have allowed generations of illegal aliens into the country, clamoring for taxpayer-funded goodies to give them a leg up in life, it’s now time to allow them to vote — citizenship not required to do so. The system of only allowing legal citizens to choose who runs our country is apparently so passe.

The District of Columbia seems to feel this way and has designed a new law to allow some non-citizens to vote in our nation’s capital, which could have broader implications within the United States if passed.

According to the Washington Times, the bill, dubbed The Local Resident Voting Rights Act of 2015, would allow D.C. residents who are not U.S. citizens but meet the federal definition of having permanent residency status to cast their ballots in all local elections, including mayoral races as well as initiatives and charter referendums.

The legislation announced Tuesday by at-large independent D.C. Council member David Grosso, could bring about 54,000 new — likely Democratic — votes from foreign-born residents living in the district who are not naturalized U.S. citizens, FoxNews reported.

“These are taxpayers who should have the opportunity to have their voices heard in local elections,” Grosso whined.

More at Mad World News:

3 thoughts on “Illegals About To Get HUGE Constitutional Right They Don’t Deserve

  1. The whole country is going to hell and we Americans and our Military are just standing here and watching.Will not do a thing till heads start rolling in the street, Don’t expect any help, this bastard has pissed off any allies we had left. Were on our own, with a bunch of blood thirsty Muslims waiting for thr cue from the White House.Unless our Military wakes up NOW were pretty well done for.

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