(Screenshot Credit, YouTube)

(Screenshot Credit, YouTube)

January 26, 2015

Desert Musings: 

Let’s clear the air on one thing. Barack Obama is a crybaby. There. I’ve said it. It’s out there. The man is a whimpering, sniveling little crybaby. He loves to dish it out to Republicans on how he wants to work with them, as long as it’s his ideas they accept, but it comes to them bitch-slapping him in retribution, he cowers in the corner and cries.

And so it is with John Boehner’s invitation of Benjamin Netanyahu to come to the United States, bypass the White House altogether, and address a joint session of congress. Oh, you would have thought that Boehner had called Michelle fat, or that he would have called the first daughters spoiled! The crying and finger pointing at the White House was unbelievable! How DARE that man bypass us? How DARE Netanyahu accept? Doesn’t he know we are going to be in power for two more years? There WILL be a price to pay!



Not really. Oh, Bobo may cry and whimper…but there’s not really going to be a price to pay. That’s because there really isn’t anything Bobo can do to Netanyahu anymore that he already hasn’t done. This administration, more than any in history has turned its back on our biggest middle east ally. They refused to get involved on the side of Israel when they were fighting the Palestinians and Hamas last summer. And they have steadfastly refused to come to Israel’s aid in making sure that Iran doesn’t proceed with it’s nuclear program. Bobo has coddled the Peacock Empire like it was a cheerleader he wanted to ask to the big dance on Friday night.

He’s the first person in Washington to come out against anything the Republicans are trying to pass. Four separate times in his State of the Union speech he threatened to veto their legislation. Then he went on the road to tout his own programs that are so outrageous, so costly, so obscene that not even members of his own party are backing them. But he’s out there telling the world he wants to “get to yes” for his ideas….and if not his ideas, he’ll work with the GOP. No he won’t. And John Boehner knows it. Which is why Boehner bitch-slapped him.

Obama needs to realize things for what they are. He never has risen to the status of the Greek god that he pretended to be during the 2008 campaign. He never has achieved the status as “the most transparent government in history” as he promised. He’s broken promise after promise and lied countless times to the point where America just wants him to go away. He’s one of few presidents ever to lose both the House and the Senate in concurrent off-year elections. He’s turned the Democratic party into a shambles, who’s only hope of regaining any glory is placing it in a woman with no executive experience, and no successful time in any position she’s ever held. And he’s upset at getting by-passed? He ought to be thankful that Boehner saved him the embarrassment of having to screw up something else!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Permission to post in it’s entirety.


  1. Thanks sir! Hahahaha! I still can’t believe he had an interview with her…unreal. And, yes, his ego is enormous. He will pound the fact he is ‘leader of the ‘free’ world’ as long as he can.


  2. Great blog…..What it amounts to is Obama doesn’t want the rest of the world, including Americans believing he isn’t top dog, that Boehner has more power. It is all about perception of power, especially with someone like Netanyahu coming in. Obama can always go find some crazy on Youtube to talk to again,


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