[Watch] Robber Takes Off Running After Fearless Cashier Turns The Tables

(Screenshot Credit, Mad World News)

(Screenshot Credit, Mad World News)

January 26, 2015

Mad World News:

As humans, we’re all equipped with a flight or fight response, prompting us to act out of instinct in times of danger. When a cashier in the UK was faced with a man demanding money and sticking a gun in his face, this response kicked in, prompting him to rip the firearm from the burglars hands and turn the tables entirely.

The incident took place on Saturday at the TOS Supermarkets and was all caught on surveillance camera video. At about 11:40 p.m., 24-year-old Luke Pearson walked into the store, asking for alcohol and cigarettes. As Hunar Mohammed placed the items in a bag, a gun was pointed at his face, and Pearson demanded the money from the register.

However, instead of doing what he was told and handing over the cash, Mohammed snatched the gun and was successful in removing it from the robber’s possession. A startled Pearson could then be seen turning tail and running before eventually exiting the store in an attempted get away.

As for Mr. Mohammed, he simply finished his shift without calling police, closed up, and went home as soon as his day was done.

[Watch] Robber Takes Off Running After Fearless Cashier Turns The Tables

According to Borehamwood & Elstree Times, Mohammed later said:

“What choice did I have but to take the gun from him? I wasn’t scared. I just took the gun from him and he ran and that was that.

“I did what any normal person would do to save their lives. He didn’t leave with anything and for that I am glad.

More at Mad World News:

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