Watch: Student Slams Teacher to Ground for Taking His Phone

January 26, 2015

Fox News Insider:


A New Hampshire father used an aluminum t-ball bat to protect his family from an escaped prisoner.

Mark Chetwynd was building a snowman with his daughter outside their East Kingston, New Hampshire, home on Saturday when a man in an orange jumpsuit approached.

Chetwynd jumped into action, sending his daughter inside the house with his wife. Chetwynd then grabbed the closest thing he could find in the garage to ward off the prisoner, an aluminum t-ball bat.

Chetwynd explained that the man tried to steal his truck, but he prevented him from closing the vehicle’s door with the bat.

“As he was trying to shut it, I had [the bat] right here so he couldn’t close it,” Chetwynd said. “I was about in the back of the truck when I gave him a whack or two.”

Those whacks with the bat were enough to take the prisoner down until police could subdue and arrest him.

More at Fox News Insider:


4 thoughts on “Watch: Student Slams Teacher to Ground for Taking His Phone

  1. The lack of respect that the young people have for authority is appalling!! We would have NEVER thought nor dared to do this to a teacher. The perpetrator of this looked to be another quiet as a lamb member of the Obama/Sharpton Hands Up Gang, on the order of a Michael Brown. Go figure!!!


    • Seriously! I would have NEVER looked sideways at one of my teachers let alone talk back! Course, that was when we could get ‘The Paddle’ from the Principle if we acted out, I was in the second grade then). Yup, showing my age a bit. Non-the-less, it was never an option and shouldn’t be today! Why are the parents NOT teaching the kids to RESPECT others and authority?? Just gets my nickers in a wad!!! 😦


      • Me too Lorra!! I get so ticked watching these mouthy, ill behaved brats that my blood boils. We had our butts punished at school if we misbehaved and then when we got home we got our butt kicked again by one of our parents. That was before they spared the rod and spoiled all the children.

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      • Exactly! Nothing worse than going home and getting your but kicked by dad than the principal! It worked…hands down, it worked. Now the parents try to be their best friend instead of the authority and it just doesn’t work because the kids have zero respect for them. UGH!


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