Ex-Muslim Has Unapologetic Message For The Left That Will RIP THEM APART

January 27, 2015

Mad World News:

Mark Christian is an ex-Muslim who pulls no punches when speaking out about his former religion.

(Screenshot Credit, Mad World News)

(Screenshot Credit, Mad World News)

After leaving Islam a decade ago to convert to Christianity, Mark continually calls out the Muslims who murder in the name of their misguided faith. He’s also very vocal when it comes to dismantling the rhetoric of those on the left, who continually criticize anyone who opposes Islam as having a case of Islamophobia.

When Mark learned that the Mayor of Paris is now planning to sue Fox News after their coverage of “no go zones” and that those on the left were joining in with the harsh criticism of the news station, he had a few things to say. Even though specific areas in Europe have not been officially named “no go zones,” the fact remains that Muslim-controlled areas do exist, and the violence towards non-Muslims in these areas makes entering virtually impossible.

Here is Mark’s message:

The recent argument over the existence of “no-go” zones in France and Britain is perhaps the most teachable moment to come around in a long while regarding the spread of Islamic supremacism. Here are the bones – we’ll add the meat to the skeleton as we go along.

First, let’s look at the facts. Islam is spreading rapidly throughout Western Europe through Muslim immigration and high birthrates. Of all the Western European countries, France has the highest percentage of Muslims, at around 10% of their total population.

Britain and Sweden are on similar paths to France, with their Muslim populations largely refusing assimilation into the larger culture and political systems of their adopted homes. This resistance continues through second and even third generations, making for an increasingly alienated population, albeit one with all the rights and privileges of the greater society from which they choose to stand apart.

Ex Muslim Has an Unapologetic Message For The Left That Will RIP THEM APART

It is this tendency (caused by Islam) that results in something more than just neighborhoods where people feel unsafe, and having your pizza delivered is impossible. The result is areas where police never go, because police are never called. Crime in these areas are dealt with by the neighborhood itself, but not under the rubric of French, British or Swedish law; but rather under Sharia Law.

As the populations in these areas grow, non-Muslims are routinely harassed and driven out. Their properties, no longer worth anything, are then bought for a song by the Muslim immigrants.

Does this fact alone mean that it is a “no-go” area? Not necessarily, but one additional fact not in dispute adds a layer of authenticity to the claim. Rioting (or the threat to do so) is a staple of the Muslim community’s negotiating platform. The host nation walks on eggshells for fear of sparking massive destruction and violence necessitating the intervention of the police, who promptly find themselves engaged in something akin to a pitched battle. The struggle over city sections ensues with the end result being some form of negotiated peace.

Of course, that’s how all neighborhood disputes are settled in liberal representative democracies, right?  Call these self-administered ghettos what you will, the fact remains that they are by no means under the “control” of the host nation any longer.

Another fact not in dispute is that the animosity between Muslim residents and their host nations in Western Europe, is leading to a double-standard in both law enforcement and adjudication in these countries.

In England, a Muslim “grooming gang” kidnapped, drugged and otherwise forced underage British girls into prostitution over a period of 16 years. The funny thing is, the police were aware of it, the local Council was aware of it, the social services administration was aware of it, and because they feared being branded and prosecuted as racists, they turned a blind eye.

More at Mad World News:

4 thoughts on “Ex-Muslim Has Unapologetic Message For The Left That Will RIP THEM APART

  1. Hi, it’s me again. I promise I am not trolling your blog. But I couldn’t let this one go by without comment. The picture shows a young Muslim holding a notice declaring a Sharia Zone. This means nothing. There have been instances where youths in the UK have tried such a thing, but they are largely ignored by most people. When these hot heads have tried to go any further to enforce their views the Police take a keen interest. If they assault anybody, they are hunted down just like any other criminal. There are NO no-go areas in the UK that the Police or the general public dare not go. This is pure propaganda.

    Recently on FOX News their – so called – Terrorist Expert claimed that the city of Birmingham was completely Muslim and no whites dare go there, including the police. I was there about a month ago. There were plenty of cops around and white people. Go round the Brick Lane area of London (where I lived for 20 years) on any Friday or Saturday night you will see every table in the hundreds of Muslim owned Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants are full of mainly white people. We all get along just fine.

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHAHA! Troll away sir (not that I consider it trolling)! I enjoy the comments and the insight…believe me! Interesting. I have read from many that say just as you do, and, I have heard from others that completely disagree. Since I have zero personal experience in these places, I value the input.

      Isn’t it something how many different takes there are on a single topic? 🙂 🙂


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