dJanuary 27, 2015


JAPAN:Jan.27: The Islamic State has released a video with a threat to kill a second Japanese hostage and a Jordanian pilot in the next 24 hours if the Japanese authorities fail to persuade Jordan to release failed suicide bomber Sajida al-Rishawi from prison RT, Twitter and Youtube reported.

The video uploaded on the web by the jihadist group is comprised of an audio message by Japanese hostage, Kenji Goto, and a picture of Goto, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, holding a portrait of a Jordanian military pilot, Muadh al-Kasasbeh.

“I’ve been told this is my last message,” Goto said as he began his address, adding that his life now depends on the government of Jordan, which is “delaying the handover of Sajida.”

Screenshot from youtube.com video

Screenshot from youtube.com video

The hostage urges the Japanese authorities to put political pressure on Jordan to accelerate the release of the female terrorist.

“Her for me. A straight exchange. Any more delays for the Jordanian government will mean they’re responsible for the death of the pilot, which will then be followed by mine,” he said in the video.

Following the video’s release, Japan said it would renew its request for Jordan to help it secure Goto’s immediate release by Islamic State.

“The Japanese government in this extremely severe situation has asked for collaboration from the Jordanian government to help secure the release of Kenji Goto swiftly. There’s no change to this stance,” Yoshihide Suga, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, was cited as saying by Reuters. 


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