Marine Brutalized by Racist Black Mob, Still Struggles to Recover from Injury

(Screenshot Credit, Mad World News)

(Screenshot Credit, Mad World News)

January 28, 2015

Mad World News:

A former U.S. marine and Iraq war veteran suffered traumatic brain damage after being attacked by a racist mob of Mike Brown supporters in a Huddle House restaurant parking lot. The attack occurred last August in West Point, Mississippi, and the marine is still trying to recover from the brutal beating.

Shortly after the attack, Marine Ralph Weems went into surgery and was placed into a medically induced coma. As a result of the beating, he suffered traumatic brain damage and is still on the long road to recovery from his injuries.

On the day of the attack, Weems and his friend, David Knighten, intended to have a meal at a local Waffle House. When they arrived, Knighten was informed that the restaurant wasn’t “safe for whites” after the aftermath of Michael Brown’s death had escalated. Knighten was stopped outside and warned of the situation that would be waiting inside for any white individual who arrived.  He quickly attempted to locate and inform his friend of the situation, but he found Weems already amid a conflict with several restaurant patrons. The altercation came to a halt after police arrived on the scene and prompted the duo to go elsewhere.

Still looking for some food, the two veterans went to the Huddle House. Unfortunately, when they arrived, they were immediately attacked in the parking lot. As the situation escalated, Knighten said he couldn’t get to his friend to help him because he was held back by the crowd, according to Clarion Ledger. It was there, in the parking lot of the Huddle House, that Weems was beaten unconscious and later transported to the nearest hospital.

Marine Undergoes Boot Camp After Being Attacked, It's Not What You Think

Three men, Constance Levail McFarland, Marquavious McMillian, and Courtez McMillian, who were involved in the attack, have been charged with aggravated assault.

More at Mad World News:

7 thoughts on “Marine Brutalized by Racist Black Mob, Still Struggles to Recover from Injury

  1. The men that did this to that marine are sociopathic beasts. To beat a person like that shows you no longer have a soul, human feelings, etc. We should be able to exterminate those types from society as they have no use in a civilized society.

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    • It’s funny, we call them animals because they seem to act like animals. But, look at the way some communities raise their children, in a kill or be killed mentality. Yes, at some age they surely have to know the difference between right and wrong. Do we blame the parents, society, an everything-goes government? I just get so upset when I read these stories and want to find someone to blame. The truth is, I was raised in a pretty tough area…BUT I WANTED AND FOUND MY WAY OUT! The point, we all have a choice. The question, are kids in these areas even given the knowledge of that choice or are they being suppressed by a ‘we can’t ever get ahead’ society mentality? UGH…


      • I think suppression works to the advantage of the Liberals who profit at the ballot box by keeping these people dependant on hand outs from the goverment. Once addicted to free bees it’s hard to steer people away because so much of their pride and work ethic gets stolen with the acceptance of government aid.

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  2. How come we never heard about this till now ? If it had been a black guy beat up by Whites it would still be all over the News Mobs of welfare recipients and illegals who work for the government in cases like this.would be standing on every street corner looting and burning, For them this government calls that a job. Pelosi says so..


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