MSNBC News Reporter Calls American Sniper Chris Kyle’s Missions Racist ‘Killing Sprees’


January 29, 2015

We The People:

Fortunately Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist challenged the correspondent.

Mika Brzezinski knew just enough to keep her mouth as she was way over her head.

Few have referred to Kris Kyle as a racist with the exception of the media and the fool in the video below, who was able to articulate the talking points being shouted into his ear receiver. 


Want to peg a racist? Look no further that those who use the term.

No Kris Kyle was a warrior having served 5 back to back tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, only leaving the SEALS when he knew his future and his marriage were on the line. 

Chris Kyle was 100% God, Country and Family, the media must be laughed at for the string on derogatory adjectives they come up to this day while describing him.

Truth Revolt

Caleb Howe


On MSBC’s Morning Joe on Thursday, NBC News foreign correspondent and frequent news contributor to MSNBC Ayman Mohyeldin discussed the movie “American Sniper” and characterized former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s missions in the Middle East as “killing sprees”: 

More at We The People:

5 thoughts on “MSNBC News Reporter Calls American Sniper Chris Kyle’s Missions Racist ‘Killing Sprees’

  1. This guy Ayman Mohyeldin shouldn’t be doing Any reporting. Those are just his personal opinions & this is why nbc,msnbc are losing ratings fast. This guy & Al Sharpton need to do a show together & call it RACIST OPINION PROS

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  2. Hi Lorra, this comment was left at the site and really puts things into perspective.

    Dave the Differentator

    Submitted on 2015/01/29 at 4:30 PM

    Amazing how ignorant this guy is!

    Snipers are just like great surgeons – they remove the enemy and do not cause any collateral damage.

    Think about the contrast between a bomb and a sniper. SNIPER = one shot – one kill. The target is a known enemy and is killing our warriors. A bomb is indiscriminate and kills all within the killing radius of the bomb.

    The Sniper is America’s best trained and most disciplined warriors. The Navy Seals are America’s best known warriors and perform a very valuable service to all Americans by using laser like precision to kill only known enemies of America who are actively trying to kill our warriors.

    Please bear in mind that America and all non-believers are in a religious war against Islamic Muslims who have made their agenda very clear – these Muslims want to kill us all. So, there is not a “racial” factor involved but a RELIGIOUS factor – hopefully everyone understands this element of the activities in Afghanistan and previously in Iraq.

    Has the incident of September 11, 2001 been forgotten? Do the videos of the Muslims celebrating in the streets of their home country need to be replayed ? MSNBC needs to tell the truth about the WAR!


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