Horrifying Discovery Of Human Remains Found Outside Twitter Headquarters

dJanuary 30, 2015

By Lorra B.

On Wednesday, San Francisco police reported a suitcase containing ‘dismembered body parts of a human being’ were found in a suitcase outside of the Twitter Headquarters.

Officer Grace Gatpandan, a San Francisco Police spokesperson, told KTVU that “The medical examiner has determined the remains are human.” The remains were so badly disfigured that it took the medical examiner to determine that they were indeed human.

The case was found around 4:00 p.m. about a block away from Twitters Headquarters. However, additional remains were found in neighboring blocks police say, forcing the closure of a massive area in order to investigate. According to the Los Angeles Times
The remains were found in three other locations.

Gatpandan stated that police “actively attempting to locate this person of interest.”

No details have been released stating whether the police were able to identify a suspect using security cameras from surrounding areas.

By Lorra B.

5 thoughts on “Horrifying Discovery Of Human Remains Found Outside Twitter Headquarters

  1. It’s hard to imagine how many degrees of screwed up a person has to be to inflict such horror on another human being. Simply disgusting. Makes me wonder if it’s the beginnings of another serial killer and his spree; God, let’s hope not. 😦

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