IRS—There Will Be Extra Tax Refunds for Illegal Immigrants Obama Granted Amnesty

February 4, 2015

By Lorra B.

Tuesday, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen established that a retroactive tax refund will be issued to illegal immigrants granted amnesty under President Obama’s executive actions.

The Earned Income Tax Credit is a government grant. According to Bryon York, illegal immigrants will be eligible for this grant, up to $5,000.

In order for illegal immigrants to pay taxes while they work in our country, the IRS issued ‘taxpayer identification numbers,’ according to York.

“Illegal immigrants affected by the president’s edict will not only be eligible for those tax credits going forward, but three years retroactively. So they’ll be able to collect quite a bit of money from the treasury.”

“There has been a long debate over whether these people should be eligible for government benefits,” stated York.

Obama made a promise that illegal immigrants would not be eligible for subsides. This promise was made when Obamacare was passed.

York goes on to say that “The question of what government benefits, if any, that illegal immigrants should be eligible for has been a pretty hot question for a while. And now, under the president’s edict, they’re definitely eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit and something called the Additional Child Tax Credit, going back for three years.”

Obama seems to be bending over backwards for illegal immigrants and allowing for subsidies he has already declared he would not provide. But, here we go again, little by little, shuffling illegal immigrants into the system.



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