Watch: Children Married At 9-Years-Old—The Islamic Instruction Guide Of A Woman’s Life


February 6, 2015

By Lorra B.

A guide for girls and women was published by the Islamic State detailing living instructions to be followed under Islamic law. Females are instructed to marry at the age of 9 and “stay behind closed doors, only going out for exceptional reasons,” according to Fox News Insider.

The guide further instructs that women should not go to beauty shops because they are ‘the work of the devil.’ It also says that working, for women, would be a form of corruption.

It is believed as soon as women began working freely and unveiling themselves that Western society failed and, thus, The Guide was born and titled ‘Women in the Islamic State: A Manifesto and Case Study.’

The Manifesto was published by the Al-Khansaa Brigade which is an ISIS ‘women’s activist group’ and translated into English.

Girls, according to the guide, should be wed by the age of 16 or 17 but can married by the incredibly young age of 9.

“It is always preferable for a woman to remain hidden and veiled, to maintain society form behind this veil,” states the guide and explains that women must stay ‘behind closed doors.’

According to HAARETZ, the manifesto is the first of its kind and a “detailed guide for women from ISIS.” It is intended for women who want to join ISIS in “the Arab world.”

In addition to the suggested age to marry, women are instructed on values in the Muslim community and how to avoid any influence of the Western way of life. “…ideal Islamic community should refrain from being caught up in exploring [science,] the depths of matter, trying to uncover the secrets of nature and reaching the peaks of architectural sophistication. It is intended to realize tawheed…the implementation of Shariah, the spreading of Islam across the land and the bringing of people from the darkest unbelief to the light of faith.”

If illiterate, women, according to the guide, are not allowed to raise children. Because of this, ISIS constructed an educational system designed just for women. They are taught skills from Arabic and ‘natural sciences’ to matters of marriage and divorce. They learn basic cooking skills, child rearing skills, Islamic history and Muslim Sharia law.

From what is deemed an ‘appropriate’ marrying age to what a woman can and cannot fill her mind and time with, this manifesto covers it. The guide dictates a romanticized view of a woman’s life within the Islamic State that could begin at the tender age of 9.


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