Watch: Greta Van Susteren Threatens Nancy Pelosi Regarding Netanyahu Visit


February 9, 2015

Mad World News:

While Nancy Pelosi threatens to boycott Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Congress later this year — adamantly denying what she’s suggesting is even a boycott — Greta Van Susteren fired back with a threat of her own for Pelosi and any other Democrats that might want to jump on the temper tantrum bandwagon over the world leader’s visit.

As Van Susteren points out, Pelosi intentionally invoked snickering as she claimed she is not calling for a boycott per-say, but “things happen in people’s schedule and … uhhh … They do. You just never know.” Quickly, Pelosi adds, “Don’t even think in terms of the word boycott, members will go or they won’t go, as they usually go or don’t go.” Sure, with the current leadership, I’m sure someone will have something more important to do… like a golf game or hanging out with the most ridiculous of YouTube celebrities, as they follow the example set by the Narcissist-in-Chief, I’m sure.

However, Van Susteren isn’t letting that little threat fly off Pelosi’s lips unchecked, as Greta throws out a warning of her own:

“If the Democrats take her direction, don’t show up, they may want to find some place to hide because, you know what, I just may send out some cameras to see how busy the MIA Democrats really are that they are too busy to hear a world leader, an ally, in the United States capital discussing something so profoundly important as Iran and nuclear weapons. Hope they don’t get caught playing golf, lunching with lobbyists, or at their own fundraisers.”

Many seem to support Van Susteren’s position on Pelosi’s “not a boycott” threat. After posting the clip to her Facebook page, she’s gained almost 25,000 likes, over 6,500 shares, and close to 5,500 comments, which seem to show overwhelming support of her stated plan to track down temper tantrum having Democrats with cameras if they choose to disrespect a world leader and our ally in such a way.

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