Obama Says He Tried To Save U.S. ISIS Hostage, There’s One Glaring Problem


February 11, 2015

Mad World News:

As the death of ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller has surfaced, Barack Obama has begun scrambling as he always does to cover his incompetence, saying he actually tried to save her, but there’s just one glaring problem. Although they learned of Mueller’s location back in May of 2014, Obama sat on the information for a full seven weeks before taking action, by which time she’d been moved.

Kayla marks the fourth American hostage who has died under the lackadaisical command of Obama. Joining the ranks of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and former Army Ranger Peter Kassig, Mueller died on account of a president who does too little too late.

As stated by Obama during an interview with BuzzFeed, “I deployed an entire operation — at significant risk — to rescue not only her but the other individuals who had been held, and probably missed them by a day or two, precisely because we had that commitment.”

However, FOX journalist Catherine Herridge paints quite the different picture.

dThis severe neglect regarding the gravity of the situation has been seen by Obama before. After the beheading of James Foley, the first American killed by ISIS, it was released that Obama knew of Foley’s location at some point before his execution.According to Herridge, the Obama administration had “very specific information” regarding Mueller’s whereabouts back in May of 2014 as she was being held with several other hostages at the time. Unfortunately for the American hostage, Obama didn’t put a rescue mission in play until about 7 weeks later, giving ISIS more than enough time to move her.

As reported by the Sunday Times, Obama delayed Foley’s rescue mission for 30 days, “fretting over his image” if the mission was a failure. Obama took some time to play a few rounds of golf, but once again, after eventually giving the go-ahead, it was soon discovered that Foley had been moved.

Obama Says He Tried To Save U.S. ISIS Hostage, There’s Just One Glaring Problem

As it turns out, his delay for political reasons ended in the death of an American.

“I don’t think it’s accurate … to say that the United States government hasn’t done everything we could,” Obama went on to explain during the recent interview, where he was still trying to save face. “We devoted enormous resources and always devote enormous resources to freeing captives or hostages anywhere in the world.”

Obama Says He Tried To Save U.S. ISIS Hostage, There’s Just One Glaring Problem

Knowing that ISIS moves around their prisoners in time frames of less than 7 weeks, why would Obama have waited so long? Having experienced something like this in the past that ended in an American life lost, why did he do the same exact thing?

More at Mad World News:

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