Police kill Man and His Three-Legged Dog In Their Home After He Called Them For Help


February 12, 2015

“Black people have to now be cautious calling the police when we need help.”

That quote is from Shakia Pennix, a Georgia activist who was speaking in response to the recent death of Kevin Davis, a black man who—along with his three-legged dog—was killed by police in his own home in late December.

Evidently Davis and his girlfriend had invited a coworker to stay with them while he was going through a rough time. One day, the girlfriend and the coworker got into an argument, and the coworker stabbed the girlfriend before fleeing the scene.

Davis called the police and was waiting with his injured girlfriend when he heard shots in his living room. Thinking the violent coworker had returned, he grabbed his gun and went to investigate—as any gun owner might do if they heard unexplained gunfire in their house.

But the shots were actually fired by the first police officer to respond to Davis’ 911 call. Multiple witnesses (neighbors in the apartment building) testify that on entering the apartment, the cop failed to announce himself and summarily shot the three-legged dog. These were the shots Davis heard. When Davis entered the room, the officer shot him twice before telling him to drop his weapon.

Davis was arrested and died alone in the hospital two days later as police refused to allow his family to visit him.

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